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Dog Coats

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

I'll tell you a secret.

Merry loves clothes almost more than most women I know.

Sure, sure, I hear you thinking - "but she's only a dog!". But really, if you met her, you'd know that's just not true. She's more than a dog. She's a Diva. And Divas love clothes and sparkly things. Little Merry is no exception.

All of this is to explain just how excited she was when we received our package from Ruff'N It. The company carries over two dozen styles of coats, each incredibly fun and stylish, so it was with bated breath that we opened the package.

The first coat out of the box was the Sierra, a faux-Sherpa with a brown microfiber that looks and feels like suede. Yes, that same fabric that's all the rage from Pottery Barn to The Gap. Oh, little Merry was jumping all over (so was her Mom). Now this, we exclaimed, was a coat for a true fashionista!

Second was the lovely and dressy Madison coat, burgundy satin with brocade flowers and a black faux fur collar. It is really lovely; the pictures just don't do it justice. Perfect for an evening out. (Now, Merry reminds me, we have an outfit for her if she should ever find a boyfriend.)

Both dog coats were extremely well made, lined nicely to keep the little bit warm. They are both finished with lovely extra touches - metal buttons at the throat and belly for the Sierra, and black satin-covered buttons for the Madison. Most Ruff'N It coats come with these lovely extra touches that just seem to finish the look.
Best of all, they fit like a dream. Pug lovers know that it's not always easy to find coats that accomodate their wider chests, but these coats fit like a second skin. Absolutely perfect. The velcro is nice and tight, and wide enough to hold firmly.

There are differing care instructions for each coat, so be sure to check the label. Perhaps another reason Merry's Mom (ahem) loves the Sierra so much is it's machine washable. With the way Pugs shed, that's a beautiful thing! But since it's more of an everyday coat than the Madison, it's also more practical. The Madison just wouldn't need cleaning as often.

Both, as you can see, look stunning on the little Diva. She looks particularly natty when we combine her sherpa coat with her caramel-colored alligator collar and lead for long walks. She gets whistles and adoring fans stopping her wherever we go in that outfit!

Honestly, I've fallen head over heels in love with Ruff'N It coats. I will be buying more. Their Manhattan, Bomber, Safari and Candy styles are already on next year's Christmas list. :)

You can find out more about Ruff'N It from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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