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Dog Coat, Dress & Harness

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

When it comes to clothing designers, there are a few designers that really stand out for us. Not just because of their quality (which is excellent), not just for their fir (which is superb) but also for their sheer sense of style. Styles that look great off and on the dog, styles that look great on a variety of shapes and sizes, styles that are sweet and cute without being overly so.

And smack-dab in the middle of that short list is the designer Pooch Outfitters. We've reviewed their clothing before, and fell in love instantly with their style, fabric choices and overall designs.

So when we received a new package from them early this year with some of their latest designs, we were juiced. And once again, Pooch Outfitters has not disappointed.

First: the Madison Fur Coat. Yes, it's getting its review a little late in the year, but we'll tell you a secret. It's the only coat we've seen this spring that could actually make us want winter back.

It's a chic tweed jacket with white, a tiny bit of slate blue, gray and silver thread running through it. The collar and tail are trimmed with thick faux fur in rose, with white tips. The coat is lined with a brushed nylon that will keep them cozy and warm all winter long.

The really standout element of this coat is the black strip running down the back; it's covered with rows of rhinestones, interrupted at the shoulder blades with a tough chrome d-ring. That's right, folks - coat and harness in one. As a result, the velcro strips at neck and belly are very thick, very wide (about 3" square at this size) to ensure the coat stays on even if your furkid tugs a bit on the leash. They're solid, trust us - in fact, you really have to tug with both hands to pull them apart!

Second up is the Buffy Day Dog Dress, which is, bar none, the cutest play dress we've ever had for Merry. Made of a light, stretchy t-shirt material, the bodice features a lovely tattoo-like silkscreened print of a heart with cross bones and roses that reads: "Beware: I Bite". It's a tank-style dress, which means no sleeves, though the arm holes and neck are both finished not just with a contrasting red fabric but also with rhinestones. A flouncy ruffled skirt in the same red material makes up the skirt, with a row of larger rhinestones at the "waist" of the dress where black meets red. A thin row of goth-looking black lace finishes the skirt.
Excellent workmanship, loose-fitting design (lots of room to move here) and oh! Does the princess look ready for anything you throw at her in this dress! We can't wait for warmer weather to send the Merry out again and again in this outfit, because it's just seriously, seriously cute.

Lastly, we took a look at their butter-wouldn't-melt Tinkerbelle Harness Top. This is an adorably sweet harness vest, just perfect for spring. Pale pink tweed fabric is edged with sturday pink alace with gold accents in a very unique, more tailored ruffle. A strip of hot pink pleather runs down the spine, holding the lightweight d-ring in place as well as the stunning pink tulle ribbon bow with the rhinestone pendant center. Even the lining is adorable - a 100% cotton pink and white candy stripe. As with the coat, the harness top comes with very thick velcro at the chest and belly to ensure a snug, secure fit even if your pet tugs a bit (as always, be aware that if your pet is a heavy tugger, harness clothing may not be for them).

Folks, if we could own every single thing that Pooch Outfitters makes, we would. They're that good. If you don't already own a piece by this fabulous designer, you're missing out. Go. Rectify that right now!

You can find out more about Pooch Outfitters from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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