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Dog Clothing Harnesses

Article Author: Dog Harness Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

One of the best things about my job is learning about new designers and products - it's thrilling to see a completely new take on an old idea, or a little twist to a common theme that ends up creating something really unique and fabulous. The princess, on the other hand, is just thrilled to have new items to model and preen in. It's all about looking fabulous, darling, though showing off the latest styles from hot new designers is never a bad thing.

When we opened up our package from Tickled Pink Boutique, we knew right away how much fun this review would be.

These folks design clothing dog harnesses (i.e. clothing you don't need a collar with, since the clothing itself features a d-ring to attach to a leash) - dresses and vests, nothing unusual here, right? But the adorable "twist" they've put on the concept had us falling in love.

Just like those little blue boxes every girl dreams of getting one day, the first clothing harness we reviewed wraps up your pampered pet into an adorable little "package" of their own. We love the color combo - natch - but also the way the bow and ribbon were implemented on the harness.

This clothing harness is made from a high quality cotton in turquoise (it has a slight diagonal pattern which gives it almost a "linen"-like look) and is lined with simple white cotton. The big bow, however, is where this design really stands out. The ribbon and bow are made from a luxurious white satin. A thinner row of ribbon is sewn both horizontally and vertically across the back of the harness ("the "gift box" part of the design). The chrome d-ring is sewn into the vertical ribbon and attached to the harness below. A thicker swatch of ribbon makes up the bow; tied in a classic shape, it has large soft loops and drapes perfectly over the back of the harness.

Fit is great - we loved how wide it comes over the chest, allowing it to sit securely. The velcro straps are of decent size and shape, about 1" x 2" on the chest and roughly 1" x 3" under the belly.

The second item to review was also a clothing harness, this time a dress with a similar style to the first but in gorgeous cherry red for the holidays. This is just about as cute as it gets for holiday wear - red dress, big white bow: don't you wish you were getting a present like this for Christmas?

(You can't have her. She's all mine.)

The dog dress harness - called "Christmas Gift", appropriately enough - is constructed nearly identically to the first harness. Ridged cotton on the outside, simple white lining (finally, simple and plain lining, hooray - are you listening, designers?) on the inside, big white luxurious satin bow on the back. With the dress however, you have a gathered skirt that covers the rest of the back and hangs over the sides. The skirt is not full; it doensn't cover 360 degrees around, but instead makes up about 180 degrees of the dress, to allow for easy walkies. The color's just spectacular, too.

If we had one thing to change: we'd like to see additional reinforcements underneath the harness and additional stitching under the d-ring. It holds well enough, but for how cute this is: we want to wear it a lot, which means more strain on the d-ring. I'd feel more secure if there was not just five, six, seven additional stitch rows holding on the d-ring but also a small piece of fabric underneath to secure all those stitches in place. Maybe for a future design? If these two designs are any indication, we'll be seeing some exciting things from Tickled Pink in the future, so you never know!

Overall, we were thrilled by these cute-as-a-button "package" clothing harnesses. You can bet the princess will be donning both several times this season - for what's a better gift to bring than herself?

Indeed. :)

You can find out more about Tickled Pink Boutique from their web site at

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