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Dog Clothing

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Oh, the life of a fashionista pug. You just get finished reviewing winter gear and it's onward and upward - the latest spring fashions simply must be modelled, tested, evaluated and reviewed... even if it means cutting into the sleep schedule of a diva who needs all the beauty rest she can get her paws on.
It's exhausting, let me tell you.

Thank goodness for protein packs, cold cucumber slices and extra carob treats or the princess wouldn't have been able to get these newest spring fashions to you in time!

(Of course, she ate the cucumber slices as well as the carob treats... and would have eaten the protein packs too if her little tongue could've reached that far... but I digress.)

The point is that we have new fashions to tell you about from one of our fave design houses: Wooflink. We love their panache, their verve, their color choices and hip blending of design styles into one heck of a collection for your furkid. And that's never more true than with the two spring-like items up for review this month:

First, a charming lightweight onesie called "Wooflink Baby". Kind of a tank-top-with-skirt-detail that won't ride up when your pooch wears it, we think it would be great for springtime and summer play, as well as a little something to keep their bodies warm overnight when it gets cooler, kind of like a tank top dog pajama outfit.

However you wear it, the truth is the outfit is just adorable. Narrow on the chest and a bit wider over the shoulder, this tank-style is designed like a ringer tee with the edging in a contrasting black. The white fabric is adorned with "hand sketch" look icons and text in pink and black.

A flared black skirt from t-shirt material rings the waist (complete with pink shoelace bow - though it's decorative only) and the t-shirt material extends underneath the skirt to end in two leg loops. This keeps the outfit in place while your pup moves, grooves and generally tears around the house.

Fit, like all Wooflink gear, is spot-on; Merry wears a size 5 in their sizing range and as you can see (if you'll mind the pun) it fits her to a tee. I can tell you right now Merry will be getting a lot of use out of this - super for around-the-house hijinks as well as nighttime cover in the cool spring nights.

Also in this review, we finally got a chance to take a look at one of Wooflink's best sellers: the Sassy Girl denim dog skirt. Which I'll say right now is just the cutest skirt ever.

Made from dark denim, this ruffled mini features a row of black lace on each ruffle and is adorned by rhinestones. The "belt loops" are hot pink (natch) and hold a removable pocket that's both functional and adorable; a skull-covered pocket with pink "Wooflink" flap.

The skirt fastens under the waist with a nice thick strip of velcro; honestly, that held it on for sweet Merry just fine. But for pooches having a problem with fit, the skirt also comes with a set of pink (natch) suspenders.

A mea culpa here: I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the suspenders were to stay on the pug properly. I'm convinced they're incorrect in the photo, so don't go by me; honestly, "people" suspenders often confuse me too. I never know where the head goes. And so it was here. But if human suspenders don't intimidate you, odds are you'll be fine. Maybe you can send me a diagram? :)

And how did the pug like her skirt? She wasn't constricted in the least, and seriously... look at that pug tail. Pug tails are just the cutest. things. in. skirts. ever.
As always, Wooflink hits it out of the park. This is literally one of the most exciting designers in the doggie fashion world and we can't wait to see what's next from them.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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