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Dog Clothing

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

We've been reviewing small dog clothing for three full years now, and if there's one constant truth about doggie fashions, it's this: just when we think we've seen The Cutest Ever, some new designer comes along and raises the bar.

This was never more true than with the sets of dog clothing we received for review from Le Puppypoo; they looked so amazing on our little pug model that we were rollicking in "aww"s and laughter between every photo!

The first design we reviewed was a one-piece shirt that looks like a shirt & sweater set. It's a cleverly sewn one-piece with two buttons at the throat, a shirt neckline, sweater body, and shirt "tails" at the bottom of the piece. The first two photos, right, were of the Raspberry Pink Night Swinger Preppy top with the matching raspberry tie (a color ful sash tie was also included as an alternative to the elastic-neck tie). This was by far our favorite of the pieces - the shirt fabric was a stretchy polyester which made it a breeze to pull on and off without worrying about rips.

The optional tie was also cleverly sewn to maintain the "cravat" knot at the top no matter how much running around your pooch does, and the elastic "collar" on it fits nicely beneath the shirt's collar, so it's undetectable.

The second shirt was also a Night Swinger Preppy top, this time the Aqua White pattern with a matching apple striped tie (again, a sash was also included but not shown here as an alternative). The teal and white together were a hoot, very Miami, you know? Because the shirt top for this piece was a cotton, it wasn't quite as flexible but was still fine for dressier occasions - but you may not want to use it for playtime.

Both of these puppy shirts look equally amazing open at the neck, and trendy to boot. We liked having the option - neck tie or sash for more dressed up occasions, and open at the neck for more casual days. Getting two looks from one outfit is always appreciated in fashion - more so, when it comes to dog clothes since it's such a rarity.

The very last design was an adorable Valentine Red Kimono Classic, a delicious kimono from red satin with a light pink and purple thread design. The kimono was teamed with pink satin and a lovely purple silky fabric to create the wrapped lapels of the kimono. The kimono also came with a button-up sash to go around the waist, complete with belt loops. The folks at Le Puppypoo also kindly included a matching owner's "flower" bag (for carrying treats) and a matching bone toy in the red silk (not shown).

Workmanship, design, and fabric choices are completely fantastic. What impressed us the most was the attention to detail - the human-type buttons, the sashes and ties, the belt loops and lapels. These designers are trying for something different, something complete, something you've never seen before, and they've very much succeeded.

Le Puppypoo is a new company, and these are just their first designs... We cannot WAIT to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Le Puppypoo from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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