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Dog Breed Pride Tees

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

When the folks at Funny Fur sent us their latest package, full of two tees perfect for Merry to try and wear, I ended up laughing as I opened the box. Because the dog shirts are dead-on-cute, yes. Also because they're smart (more on that further down in this review) and mostly because they're so full of puggerina attitude that you gotta love 'em.

Seems like the folks at Funny Fur don't just understand teeny dogs but pugs as well. Which makes them tops in my book. :)

The tees Funny Fur sent along were breed-specific. They feature a pug face logo in the center and the words "Don't Bug This Pug" in a typewriter-style typeface. The tees came in two shades - pale pink, and charcoal gray.

The cut of these shirts is a little different; it's a little boxier. It isn't completely form fitting but instead is a looser cut. I loved the way the little sleeves hung; it made it look almost like a 50's greaser (can't you imagine a "pack o' smokes" rolled up in there? Not that I'd ever let the pug smoke. But you know what I mean). There's a 1/4" cuff on the sleeve, neck, and waist.

My favorite part about these shirts: the weight. The fabric is a very soft 50/50 poly/cotton blend, and it's incredibly light and thin. It's perfect for pugs who can so easily overheat in the summer; lightweight, it's likely to be fine in all but the very hottest of weather.

That's a very smart t-shirt design indeed. (Pug-friendly clothing; who knew?)

We were thrilled with these cute little tees and I have a secret to share: they're like an attention magnet when Merry is out for her daily walks. Sure, sure, the pug's an attention-getter all by herself, but wearing this? C'mon. It's like people read it and are compelled to do the opposite.

Luckily, Merry (like most pugs) is more than happy to be "bugged". The humans are wonderfully helpful for providing rubs, scratches and treats.

You can find out more about dog clothing Funny Fur from their web site at

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