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Dog Bed Set with Covers

Article Author: Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

You know what makes sense to me? The ability to change what my dog's bed looks like without having to change the shape and puffiness she's grown to love. The ability to match different times of year or different home style on a whim. The ability to have a pet bedding system that incorporates options right into its very design.

Folks, your search is over. The company's called petLINENS, and what they're doing is brilliant. Coolest pillow bed set we've ever reviewed.

Here's the scoop: it's not just about buying a bed. When you buy a bed set from these folks, it includes two slip covers (some options include your choice of colors). The company sent along three of their hottest covers for us to try along with their 32" wide, 6" deep pillow bed.

The first two sets of photos show options from the company's Quilter Microfiber Small Dog Bed collection - the green, and the brown. I'm loving both colors (SO hot this year, especially the green, yum) and the tailored, slightly modern look to the quilting. The thick matching cord trim along the top and bottom really help to give the bed a finished look and one that's a little more upscale than your standard pillow style.

The last set of photos shows one of the covers from their Animal Print collection - the zebra, to be exact. (These covers are also available for purchase a la carte, without having to purchase a set, so you can have any number of covers you want -- which is brilliant.) The hot dark dark brown on white look (frankly, it looks almost black & white in person) is timeless and fun, and features a similarly thick matching satin cord at the top and bottom.

All bed covers meet up on the bottom with an overlap and velcro strip so they're incredibly easy to slip on and off - though, it does mean that there's really only one "right side up" to the cover. Given the choice of ease over the ability to flip, though, I'll choose easy removal - especially since I can wash cover #1 while Merry is lounging about on cover #2.

The large dog bed itself is filled with high density poly fil. I'll be honest - our regular readers know we're big on highly cushy dog beds - not so dense the dog bounces off when they try to lay down, of course, but deep and puffy enough that even after the dog's been sleeping on the bed for several months, their limbs are still nowhere near the floor. These beds, while cushy, aren't as densely packed as I'd like to see. I realize why companies do this - keeps the price down, keeps the shipping costs down, both of which benefit the consumer - but I'd rather pay a bit more and get more fil in my poly fil bed. Still, the bed as you can see is cushy and will likely satistfy the vast majority of folks looking for a new bed for their pooch.

petLINENS also included in our package (not shown) a cushion saver - available as an incredibly inexpensive a la carte item. It's waterproof and can be put underneath the "linens" themselves to protect the bed from dirt, water, poochie unmentionables, in case your furkid isn't 100% house trained. Well worth the money, in my opinion, if your pooch is prone to soiling the bed. I'd much rather remove the saver and wash it, than have to wash the pillow itself.
petLinens is right on the money with this one. If you're wanting more flexibility in your pet bed solutions, this is absolutely the bed set to try.

You can find out more about petLINENS from their web site at

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