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Dog Bed

Article Author: Dog Beds - A Merryvaluation

Merry may be a princess. She may be a diva. But she's also a lazy little patookie, particularly in the morning.

Plus, she's a pug. I read somewhere once that if you put a pug in an empty room with three socks, they'll push together the three socks in the middle of the room and lay on them. This means the princess loves her creature comforts - particularly those she lays on. She was never happier than when I was sick and needed to sleep with four pillows in order to breathe. I'd come home from work to find her laying on top of all four, like the princess and the pea.

All this is to explain how very, very happy she was when we received our overstuffed dog  pillow bed from Room Candy.

Room Candy's products are super. They settled on two basic styles - an overstuffed round, and an overstuffed rectangle - and then created a virtual cornucopia of different fabric coverings (over five dozen, and counting). Enough to match every decor, or switch them up every season! Yes, you read that right - Room Candy covers are also available separately so you can buy several, and rotate them to your whim.

Since dog beds can take up a lot of room in a small place (like ours), this is a godsend. Like our very own interior decorating company! I'm confident there's something available for every decor.

But back to the bed. The princess, luckily, does not have any trouble figuring things out when she's presented with something new that's just for her. From the moment I laid out the bed, she jumped right into the center of the overstuffed bed, turned three times, sat her behind down and offered me a winsome yawn, complete with delicate pink pug tongue.

Translated, that means that she's thrilled to bits with the bed.

It's cozy, it's customizable to your decor - what more could you want? Merry has decided she'd like one in every room. Preferably with a pink one, this time, Mom (she threw a little look of doggy disgust my way with that last part). Luckily, I don't mind - this is one time I may take her up on the suggestion. :)

You can find out more about Room Candy from their web site at

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