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Dog Bed and Blanket

Article Author: Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation

Faux fur. You'd think a pug could get enough. After all, the pug comes with her own fur. And a wardrobe with several pieces of faux fur. But the pug just can't get enough. It's like an addiction. We've considered having her looked at. It seems like we should be worried. But we're not sure if there's a Betty Ford's for fashion. And if there is, well...

We're not sure if they accept pugs.

The new bolster dog bed sent in by DogChewz NYC was right up the little diva's alley. Covered in white faux fur from top to bottom, bolster and all, the bed makes quite a statement when you first see it. It's a very plush white fur; the princess was only too happy to rub herself against it.

The bolster is well-padded and surrounds the bed like a half-moon; the entire bed is oval, as well. The entire bed - bolster, fur, and all (since it's all one piece) is washable, though you may need to find a larger washer without a center agitator to fit with the bolster. Because the faux fur is man-made materials, it's recommended that you line-dry the bed. If you put this bed in the dryer, you'll melt the fur.

If there's one thing that surprised us about the bed, it was that for all its luxurious fabric, it wasn't very plush in terms of padding depth. A one-inch quilt batting is used as the padding for this bed; if we were retailers, we'd probably term this more of a bolster mat than a full-out bed as a result. Now, luckily, the white fur is very thick as well, so your pet won't sink to the floor immediately, but if your pet enjoys his or her cushioning, you may want to go with one of their other styles that feature thicker lining.

Along with the dog bed, the company kindly sent along a fleece blanket (19" by 26") in pink, which makes a perfect couch blanket for lounging around or a carrier blankie. The blanket is lovely and thick, with a deliciously rich satin lining on all edges, just like the blankets you used to have when you were a kid. We just wished they also came in a slightly larger size to accomodate more breeds!

Finally, the DogChewz NYC also included a matching white faux fur half-moon dog toy, which has a Velcro closure so you can easily replace the squeakers inside. Merry had a blast chewing away on it, as you can see in the fourth photo.

We're hoping that the luxurious faux dog bed will one day have an option for a thicker pillow or poly-fil inside as well; then we'll have a princess pug climbing on us and asking for one for every room! The materials of each of these products were very soft and decadent to touch, impressing us with the company's commitment to something soft against your baby's skin.

We can't wait to see what DogChewz NYC comes up with next!

You can find out more about DogChewz NYC from their web site at

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