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Dog and Owner Rock & Tattoo Tanks

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Oh, sure, the princess looks prim and proper (well, for a pug) but our regular readers know that underneath all that Kate Moss-y public persona, under the modelling and fancy dog dresses and pearls and rhinestones beats the heart of a little rebel. (What pug isn't, really?)

She may spend her days posing, sleeping, playing and meeting her public but if it weren't for the serious lack of doggy door, she'd be sneaking outside in leather and denim, charming some neighbourhood motorcycle hood to pop her on the back of his bike and take her for a ride.

(Can't you just see it? I should totally write chick lit for the pug.)

Well, until the day that her Harley-Davidson-bedecked Prince Charming comes along to save her from this life of high fashion and spoiling, she'll just have to settle for wearing rebelling clothing - particularly almost anything from K9 Duds, one of our fave designers for when we're feeling a little rebellious, a little rock and roll, a little born to be wild.

The kind folks at K9 Duds sent along another care package for the pug, this time with two tanks (for her) and one tank (for me).

First up, the tattoo-inspired Spoiled Bitch & Loving It dog tank. How hysterical is this? And how appropriate - I can guarantee you that the folks in our hood will get a hoot out of this tank as soon as the eighteen feet of snow on our front lawn melt away and we can start thinking about tank tops again.

A pinkilicious "alligator-dyed" (we don't want to know) combination of hot pink and soft pink, this lovely ribbed tank is made in the USA. It's 100% cotton and softly ribbed, too, which means it's gorgeously comfy on, form fitting without being tight.

The design printed on the back is a blue bird with a pink flower design, and features a white banner with the words "& Loving It". Cute, pink, and sassy... and true.

The second tank is a dreamy soft greyish blue with a message of peace that comes straight out of the Haight, baby. Rock and love and peace all in one groovy tank (there's even a butterfly screened on the back). This tank is styled identically to the first in terms of cut, and the soft ribbed 100% cotton fabric is "mineral washed" - a softer effect that ages the shirt in a lovely way.

This tank, like the first, is also made in the USA.

Fit of both tanks - as with everything we've tried from K9 Duds - is excellent. Merry wears a solid size L (not too tight, not too loose).

But this time there's something else - a matching ladies' tank top in super-soft 100% ribbed cotton. (It's all about solidarity in your rebellion.) This is a form-fitting tank, so only petite ladies need apply. This tank is shown in size L as well and I'm pretty sure I haven't been that size since grade school, but then I always did love my chocolate. Luckily Merry's second favorite female model dropped by to test the shirt out with us.

One thing I really loved about the ladies' tank was the fact that it's tag-free. While their dog tanks have size and washing tags inside, the ladies' tank has the washing instructions printed on the inside of the shirt so it's all smooth comfort without any itchy bits.

It's this kind of attention to details and fabulous design - LOVE the mineral wash and hope we'll see more tanks with it - that makes K9 Duds such a pleasure to rebel in. Four paws up.

You can find out more about K9 Duds from their web site at

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