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Dog Poncho and Customized Pet Products

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

When you're a Diva, it's All About You. Oh, yes. Other people might think it's all about them, but they're wrong. It's clearly All About You. Anyone who doesn't know about this - well, someone should educate them.

Le Prissy Pets in gearing up to do exactly that. They sent along a poncho for Merry and a collection of customized pet products that will help us inform the world, really, just how All About Merry the world really is. :)

The poncho is just adorable. Handknit, with sassy fringe and a tie topped with Swarovski danglies, it's a fantastic way to keep them warm just as it's warming up. Merry wears it alone but also often with a soft pink tee underneath for extra warmth on cooler nights. The tie gave us the ability to loosen or tighten around the pup's neck as needed - and given how neck ize varies from breed to breed, that's a Good Thing.

The personalized items from Le Prissy Pets were fabulous. All hand painted, each item had a likeness of Merry that was adorable and festooned with sparklies, to catch your attention. And as you can see, the artists captured Merry's likeness very well.

The throw pillow was a hoot - made from sturdy canvas, it held a huge likeness of Merry topped with sparkling pink crystals, all hand placed on the well-stuffed pillow. The mini denim carrier is perfect for carrying treats and bags on walks - fastens with a dome, and features a thin natural rope to put over your shoulder.

The notecards were impressive, since every card had a hand-painted likeness of the Princess Pug on the front, with crystals attached by hand. If you're looking for the ultimate in customized stationery, look no further. Matching envelopes had a tiny pink bone hand-painted in the corner.

The customized Christmas tree ornament was one of our favorites, since little Merry was named for Merry Christmas - a holiday treat we'll pull out year after year. Made from clear glass with a silver topper, this, too, was hand painted with sparkling paints to really catch the lights of the Christmas tree.

And the portrait was the piece that pulled it all together. Many different sizes are available - ours was a 5 x 7, and again, came with sparkling pink crystals hand fixed to the portrait. It's ready for framing; you'll likely want to mat or double-mat it to keep the crystals from touching the glass.

The ultimate in personalized pet products is right here - and Le Prissy Pets has a huge range of options for you. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Le Prissy Pets from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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