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Devil Heart Dog Tee

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

I know, I know, you look at the princess in her couture gowns and her pearl necklaces and her Swarovski crystals... enough to choke a very fancy horse. And you think: total diva. Little miss priss. Too good to get down with her funky self. Am I right? Am I right?

(There are days when I wonder what the heck I'd possibly be writing about if I hadn't gotten myself a pug. You ever wonder that? But I digress.)

The truth is, folks, that the princess pug is more than capable of getting down with her tough girl side, her bad funky self, heck, even her bad-to-the-bone chopper-lovin' side. As long as the clothes or dog accessories are cool, she's in. Cool, hot, haute, and everything in between; if it extends the realm of puppy fashion, she's here to help.

Which is why the new Devil Heart dog t-shirt she's decking in the photos is just a fantastic choice. Because it's literally got it all.

Let me explain.

The tee, sent in from the folks at Punk Rock Dogg (gotta love that name) features a skull-and-crossbones-ish design, only with a twist. The "skull" is fashioned from a big ol' heart (making you say awww) but with big bull-sized devil horns on either side (making you say rockin, dude!). Finish that bad boy up with a pair of smokin' hot red cross bones and you've got yourself a tee that's bad to the bone. But sweet. Just like our pooches.

The design itself is hand screen-printed, a nice touch. And I loved the iconic-ness of it.

The dog t-shirt itself is an incredibly cuddly and stretchy 100% cotton, a custom-designed tee made exclusively by Punk Rock Dogg. It's a great fit - think loose and comfy, stole-it-from-my-boyfriend weekends tooling around the neighbourhood. It's a medium weight - possibly a little heavy for hot humid summer days but great for cooler summer and warm spring and fall days. With a pair of jeans? C'mon! That's a natch.

My favorite part of the tee itself is the seams. Most tees do one of two things with their seams; they run them right down the center chest, or they run them directly down the sides, creating a line that's visible. These tees are smarter than any I've ever seen; the seams run in two lines from the armpits under the chest. It means no spoiled lines on the chest, but also no ugly seams to look at on the sides of the shirt. Brilliant.

Length was great, and the underside belly is a little higher up than the topline, to allow easy wear for boys or girls.

If I had one thing to change, it would be the fit of the arms. For some reason they didn't fit closely to Merry's arms but stuck out in points, as you can see in the photos. But it's a small thing, overall, and wouldn't stop me from buying the shirts.

I think the Punk Rock Dogg designs are here to stay. Great idea, beautiful execution, and love the designs.

(What's even cooler? You can even pick up a matching identical tee for yourself. Sah-weet!)

You can find out more about Punk Rock Dogg from their web site at

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