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Designer Dog Coat

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

Elegance and class is something that Princess Meredith aspires to.


She sighs when she watches old Audrey Hepburn movies (and you just know which one is her favorite). She thinks Jackie did more for classic fashion than any other three First Ladies put together. And she slavishly watches for the latest Chanel designs - she loves the classics, but it's never a bad thing to keep your eyes open for something new that will be a classic.


And with that sentiment in mind, the princess went to work reviewing one of our latest submissions - the French Petit Four Winter Coat from new design house Molly and June.


First, you know that a coat named for food can never, ever be a bad thing in any pug's life. These folks have an in already.


The dog coat is just the epitome of classic design. It's a simple wrap-style with velcro fastening at the chest and beneath the belly. An elegant rose 100% wool outer layer matches up with classic black touches as well as a hint of vibrant magenta at the collar.


The velcro at the chest is a decent size, and the strap beneath the belly is long enough to allow some room in the fit and also to provide a more secure fit than many; the under-strap is wider than average. We loved how the velcro at the chest was "dressed up" with a simple black button. Gave the coat a real touch of class. The tail of the coat has another little design touch - pink french knots embroidered in a row, to draw attention to that cute little tail on your furkid.


The collar, though, is what really makes this coat. It's hand-knitted and made with 100% Alpaca wool (one of the softest and most desirable wools available). It gives a punch of color and also of texture, since it's so rich and luxurious laid against the more tailored wool coat.


The lining is simple black (and OH how we wish more designers were using simple black for their lining rather than big brash colors that clash with the coat) and is 100% organic cotton twill. It's a thicker, more luxurious twill than you'd normally see in large, mass produced dog coats.


The coat is incredibly luxurious, in the end. No top stitching, no seams, complete handcrafted elegance.


The coat is billed as a winter dog jacket but keep in mind: that's a dressy winter coat, folks, not the kind you necessarily want to put on them for a four-hour romp outside. Like human dress winter coats, it exchanges heavy-duty lining and warmth for tailored elegance. That's a good thing! It also means that the coat is fine for fall and cool spring days.


For such a finely made coat, it doesn't surprise that the care is a little persnickety. The coat can be dry cleaned or you can hand wash in cold water with proper wool detergent, then hang to dry.


This coat is definitely a true designer dog coat. Far more attention has been paid to its making, to its materials, to the small design touches and textures, than you'd find in most pet stores. But it's completely worth it, particularly if you want your pet to wear clothing made with the kind of care and attention that you yourself take when choosing good, designer clothing.


It's always exciting when hot new designers like Molly & June hit the streets with their take on pet clothing. We'll be watching this company closely!


You can find out more about Molly & June from their web site at

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