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Designer "2nd Skin" Dress for Dogs

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

Merry is, shall we say, a fashion-conscious girl. In order to look the part, research is necessary. Since she hasn't received many invites to fashion shows just lately, this means copious reading of Lucky Magazine and LouLou (Canada's "answer" to Lucky) as well as one heck of a lot of surfing to stay up on the latest trends. She can bark on demand when she's shown a pair of Kate Spade shoes, she's all over Juicy Couture and frankly she just talked me into buying not one but two Jean Lottie handbags.


Never go shopping with a pug who loves fashion more than you do.


Which means the princess was flipping head over tail when we received the latest package from Petsnobs and found their "Pucci"-esque 2nd skin set - a dog shirt dress that fits like a second skin teamed with an attached scarf in the season's brightest colors.


A riot of colors from pink, lemon and gold to several shades of very hip green, the 2nd skin is definitely a show-stopper. Vertical stripes are incredibly slimming on all but the pudgiest of puppies, and its form-fitted style ensures than lean pups can show off their curves for all the boy dogs to pant over.


The shirt dress portion of the outfit is made from a stretchy polyester material that makes life much easier when trying to pull it over a puggy head and chest. The size 14 was the perfect length, falling just to Merry's tail. It bunches a bit around her fur when she's seated but falls flawlessly when she's standing or going for a walk.


The scarf is cleverly attached to the back of the shirt dress so that it doesn't move around when the diva does her patented shake-shake-shake for her multitude of fans on the street. It ties jauntily left or right of center beneath her chin. The Petsnobs logo metal charm dangles from the back of the scarf, giving it an extra touch of class.


Fit and workmanship were excellent, but what we loved most was the style. It's so rare to see outfits for our spoiled pups that look more like what you see hanging in designer dog shops that we were doubly thrilled with the outfit. Petsnobs kindly included a matching "owner" scarf for me, so the princess and I are a matched pair walking down the street.


The outfit is adorable. I hope they come out with dozens of similar styles in different fabrics. The princess, a slave to fashion, will thank them heartily!

You can find out more about Petsnobs from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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