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Product Reviews

Dental Wipes and Eye Wipes for Dogs

Article Author: Dog Grooming Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Honestly, some of the more interesting things to review in the world of dog grooming aren't actually shampoos or conditioners. Everyone has shampoos and conditioners these days, so it's tough to really stand out from the crowd with those items. But with other grooming products, that's where you can get things really shaking up.


Take eye goop. No, I don't mean the gooby things that show up in their eyes day after day after... wait, not everyone else has a pug. But if you have a flat nosed, bug eyed breed, then you know what I mean when I say they seem to expectorate goop constantly.


And what that means is that their fur starts getting stained, after several years, with brownish not so fun stuff. (Those of you with white dogs, bug-eyes or not, also know what I'm talking about.) It's kind of gross, really, and changes the look of your dog from gorgeous just-left-the-groomer to looking like you never bathe the poor thing, no matter how great you are at keeping them clean.


This is where True Blue Pets' Eye Wipes come in, just one of two wipe products we're reviewing from them this month.


The dog eye wipes are essentially a presoaked pad that you rub gently under the dog's eye, especially in any areas where there is wetness and/or staining. They're actually very easy to use; they smell slightly astringent, but do pull up a lot of dirt (see the brown stains on the pad in the second photo). After a couple of weeks of regular cleaning, we were able to notice a difference; it wasn't completely removing the tear stains but it was making them lighter and the skin under Merry's eyes softer.


These eye wipes contain an all-natral botanical blend for your dog. The ingredients list includes organic aloe vera, witch hazel, vitamin E, various food extracts, and other astringents (that's why it smelled that way): citric acid, and oat amino acids.


If I had one thing to change about this product, it would be the name. It's called "Safe and Sure Eye Wipes", but the back contains a caution notice to avoid eye contact (with eye wipes!) and if direct eye contact occurs, flush immediately. Now, I realize why this is. You need strong cleaners - even natural ones - to get rid of tear stains, and it stands to reason that those strong cleaners wouldn't be so good for the eye. I get that, and I get that you need to be careful. But naming a product Safe when you have to be careful and be ready to flush your pet's eyes if contact occurs, seems like a misnomer to me.


Still, it's just a name. I want to be clear: I loved the product itself (probably one of my favorite grooming review items of all time). It was just jarring to see the name and the caution on the same package!

Second, we reviewed True Blue Pets' Fast and Fresh Dental Dog Swipes. As a pug owner, this, too, is high on my list of frustrations. Pugs are notorious for not enjoying being groomed, and Merry's no different. She hatest getting her teeth brushed and while after years she is resigned to it, she still ducks her head around and generally tries to avoid the toothbrush as much as possible.


You had to know she'd be a princess, didn't you?


So, I was all for the dental swipes: again, these were premoistened pads that you wrap around your finger and rub up against your dog's teeth. The wipes smell great - a mix of parsley and peppermint are in the ingredients list, so your dog may end up with distinctly more pleasant breath after using.


They weren't nearly as hard to use as I'd imagined. Merry actually sat quite still, enjoying the process for the most part and allowing me access to teeth (particularly on the inside of her mouth) that she rarely allows me access to. I have no idea if the wipes are good long-term (the box only contains 50 wipes, and it's suggested to do this once a day) versus brushing, but particularly if your dog won't let you brush their teeth, this is a great alternative solution and a fabulous quickie (no toothpaste! no washing out a brush!) for travel, busy weekday mornings, etc.


Both products were developed by True Blue Pets with the help of veterinarians to ensure your pet's safety. They're hypo-alelrgenic, pet pH balanced and made in the USA.


I'm loving both of these products - they're smart, useful and encourage less-fussy good grooming habits. I have a feeling both sets of wipes will become permanent fixtures in my bathroom cabinet. Four paws up!


You can find out more about True Blue Pets from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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