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Denim Dog Sweater

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Across the broad geography of pet clothing, there are a lot of different options. But let's be honest: a lot of it focuses on cuteness. Pink and ribbons and lace and ruffles and really, what's a more modern pooch to do?


What if you're a hardcore urbanite and the thought of all that froufrou turns you off your dog bone?


This is exactly the thinking behind a lot of the Ally & Fred collection - and the folks from Ally & Fred sent us a PEGGY sweatshirt to try their modern style on for size.


The sweatshirt isn't your typical style - it features different material on the back then on the front, creating a more flexible style that will fit many different body types well.


The back of the dog sweatshirt is made from a denim - cut in a blousy fashion so it's nice and loose over the back. But to ensure a proper fit and no dragging on the ground, the tummy is made from a soft black ribbed cotton, allowing for a more form-fitting look.


The neck, waistband and arm bands are made from a stretchy yellow ribbed cotton for contrast. It gives a modern look to this simple sweatshirt. We also loved the yellow stitching - the denim and black ribbed cotton are fastened with contrasting yellow thread. The Ally & Fred logo is also sewn centered over the shoulder blades with the same contrast yellow stitch.


The materials aren't heavy ones, so if you're looking for a heavy winter sweater, this isn't the best choice, but the sweatshirt is perfect for spring or fall wear - I think it's perfect for play dates. The denim and black ribbed cotton will work well for play clothes, dark enough to not show too much mud.


Sizing ranges from a 7" topline to sizes suitable for bulldogs.


I liked the combination of materials, allowing for a roomy, flexible fit that looked great. And the simple lines make this style a natural for someone looking to dress their pup up without all the trimmings of the fancier dog clothing out there - this is definitely good play wear, country wear, or hardcore urbanite wear.


You can find out more about Ally & Fred from their web site at

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