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Denim Dog Jacket

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

You'd think that being the world's most spoiled pug with closets full of clothing would automatically guarantee that you own every single staple you need to build a reliable, fashionable wardrobe that's ready for most occasions.


We're here to tell you: not so.


Oh, the princess has tons of specialty items and unique pieces to string together something that's to die for, but the basics of wardrobe often elude us. Black leather collars. Raincoats. And, most importantly for this review, denim dog jackets.


The denim jacket is one staple that no city girl should be without. It's perfect for fall, protecting you from the bite in the wind and still looking terrifically casual for weekend shopping or walks in the park. They can be dressed up with a bit of bling, or dressed down with a chunky wool sweater or scarf.


The princess was therefore never happier than when Chez Charles Dog Wear decided to send along their rendition of a denim jacket for the princess to test out.

The coat is perfect for chilly fall weather - it's a nice dark denim, thick enough to provide protection from the elements and still flexible enough to wrap around your pet's body nicely. Tiny white seams follow along the length of the coat and help to highlight the too-cute-for-words functional mid-back pocket which is adorned with two metal snaps (painted white).


The lining is a cuddly grey fleece, making the jacket perfect for those casual days in the park.


As with all Chez Charles coats, the fastenings are guaranteed to stay in place. Three velcro strips at the chest cross over to form an incredibly secure seal, and the underbelly has a wonderfully long strip of velcro to accommodate everyone from the pudgy to the svelte.The tail of the coat also features the signature Chez Charles notch to allow for curly tails - something this little diva pug dearly appreciates.


Workmanship and seams are, as always, of the highest quality. We'd love to see coats with a little more bling in this style - perhaps some designer buttons thrown in, or a designer fabric for the liner, just to give more options for the fashion-obsessed. Perhaps in future seasons this will be available?

This new denim coat will be a staple in the princess's closet for a long time to come. We're loving it - four paws up!


You can find out more about Chez Charles Dog Wear from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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