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Dog Polo Shirts

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

For someone who already went through the 80's once in terms of fashion, it's equal parts fun and terrifying to see 80's fashions hitting the streets once again. For the princess, of course, it's all new. She gets excited just looking at all the cool new styles hitting the cat - er - dogwalk.

Chief among these styles are the ubiquitous polo shirt. Oh, wow, did I have a lot of Ralph Lauren polo shirts back in the day. And we've never seen a year like this one for pets. The selection of polo dog shirts is incredible, and new designs are coming out seemingly every week.

Merry and I were excited to receive a package from UrbanDiggs featuring their newest line of polo shirts.

You can't beat the colors, and they're the first thing you notice. Brilliant red juxtaposed with a natty black and white collar: the Vintage Dog Polo. Girly pink with a fun floral pink and yellow collar: the Perfect Dog Polo. Dramatic colors for a very dramatic princess pug, one might say.

The style of the shirts is one step up from a traditional polo. While the shirt is a t-shirt material (stretchy and soft), the oversized collar and placket are made from a firmer fabric that gives a nice shape to the neck and helps the soft body drape nicely. The collar material is echoed at the base of the sleeves for consistency. The entire shirt is made from a 50/50 poly/cotton interlock, and the collar features reinforced top stitching.

Have a pudgier furkid? These dog polos are right up your alley. The fit is incredibly generous. Merry's got a 14" topline but is sporting size 12 shirts in the photos to the right, and as you can see she still has a lot of room to move. You'd have to have a portly pet indeed to get a skintight fit. But that's a good thing, particularly in the summer, when loose and breathable are the name of the game.

Things to look out for: these shirts aren't always instant-pull-on and ready-to-go. The downside of a fabric collar is the fabric underside (inside the shirt) that extends down the back by an inch or two. It took a bit of tucking to make it lay flat the first time we pulled the shirt over Merry's head, but we soon got used to it and once we got it flat, it stayed there (no riding up, which is good!).

We loved the dressy style, super-soft fabrics and the bold dramatic colors of these new polos. They're a great staple for any summer wardrobe. We just wish more colors were available - lime green, perhaps, or turquoise blue would be great additions to the line, as well as white (colors currently available include red, pink, black, forest green, orange and light blue).

Perhaps we'll see it in the next round of styles! The princess and I loved the shirts, regardless. :)

You can find out more about UrbanDiggs from their web site
at Tell them Merry sent you!

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