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Custom Pet Portrait

Dog Portraits Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to match the coolness of having a portrait of your pet on the wall. Seriously. Especially if you enjoy and collect art - as I do - having a portrait painted of your pet is like a little custom piece of the art world that's exactly your taste and 100% personal.

It's also just cool to see how an artist "sees" or interprets your baby. It's kind of like meeting someone in person when you've only spoken to them by phone - even if you've heard their voice for years, heard them describe themself and their traits, it's still a delicious surprise when you first meet in person. One thing I've definitely learned from reviewing pet portraits: no two artists will ever "see" your baby the same way. It makes it that much more of a precious gift.
I was intrigued by the concept behind Pop Dog Press from the get-go. Unlike more "true to life" interpretations, these acrylic paintings are like "posterized" versions of your beloved pooch.

Here's how it works: you send in a photo, preferably in large digital format and taken in natural light, of your pooch. Melissa Doldron, the artist behind Pop Dog Press, then discusses with you what you might like in terms of background - since these portraits are highly stylized, they're usually painted with a colored background - sometimes stylized with stripes, or dots, or something else that either matches your personal sense of style, your decor, or (as with this case) the personality of the pup: pink!

She then paints an accurate but stylized version of the picture you sent along, but with the background you'd discussed.

When we got the finished portrait into the office, it blew us away. This style of painting is just iconic, you don't really realize until you see it in person just how iconic it is. She captured Merry's expression perfectly (love the ears) but still managed to bring to it her own voice, her own style - the posterized look of Merry is even better than the original photo (seen at the bottom right).

The hot pink background, though - that's what makes this piece of art really "pop", if you'll pardon the pun. The hot pink suits both the picture and the pug perfectly, and I love the way she incorporated some modern circular design elements throughout the background with both lighter pink solid and lighter pink dotted circles.

All Pop Dog Press pet portraits are painted in acrylic on deep gallery-wrapped canvas, perfect for hanging without need for a frame. In these portraits, the edges are not painted a solid color - the painting does wrap slightly around the edges, on purpose, giving it a more "3D" look, which is a nice touch.

Also included with your portrait is a card giving you tips on how to care fo the painting: best temperatures for storage, how to dust lightly with a dry feather duster to avoid dust being integrated into the painting itself, how to handle the painting, and also what to do in the case of accidents. This is a very helpful "extra".

We were bowled over, actually, by the quality and visual impact of the finished piece - the photos literally do not do this justice. These portraits must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If you're looking for something more modern for your home, a portrait with iconic visuals as well as personal meaning, look no farther.

Portraits from Pop Dog Press start at just $125.

You can find out more about Pop Dog Press from their web site at 

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