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Crystal Necklaces

Dog Jewelry Review - A Merryvaluation

Here's the thing about bling. The princess pug, the Meredith you all know and love - well, she doesn't love bling because it's hip. She doesn't like it because it's cool. She doesn't like it because rap stars wear it, not because heiresses wear it, not even because it's now so widely spread that nearly everyone owns a bit of bling.

She loves bling because bling sparkles, and makes her feel just like the princess she is.

This is why the princess - the same one you all know and love - was stupefied, completely blown away by the package sent in to us from Le Prissy Pets. Because it was a bling-o-rama, a virtual cornucopia of bling the likes of which the pug had never seen (but now that she has, as you can imagine, she's come to expect. sigh!). Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five incredible necklaces fashioned from Swarovski crystals.

Oh yeah, baby.

The first dog necklace is Chanel in Precious Pink. It's a thick, glittering creation of a necklace, dense and solid with an intricate pattern of pink Swarovski pearls and crystal cubes, with a tiny pink rhinestone crystal ball in the center. Talk about decadent. It was hands down our favorite.

The second necklace is a new design offered by Le Prissy Pets called Precious Meko. Designed specifically for somewhat larger dogs, it uses the new Swarovski Helix crystal to really show up even if your pet has long fur and is more loosely fashioned. Talk about a sparkler - we were getting nearly the same effect from this necklace as we do from our Swarovski crystal chandelier - same color patterns being thrown from the crystals, and same princess-like effect. Because these particular necklaces are more expensive to make based on your pet's neck length, you'll have to inquire about price.

A delicious combination of Tahitian pearls, white pearls and crystals made up the third necklace (called Prissiana in Tahitian), and its style was slightly different from the others - less blocky, more flowing over the collarbone thanks to the extra Tahitian pearls lining the bottom row.

Chanel in Glass Slipper, the fourth necklace, was very similar to the first (Chanel in Precious Pink). An intricate design of Swarovski crystals, this pet necklace features a line of Swarosvki pearls down the middle and a rhinestone crystal ball in the center. The main difference is the white pearls and iridescent crystals. This set also included a matching bracelet for Mommy (not shown) that was identical down to the crystal except for length.

The fifth and final necklace was a bit of fun - the Merry Prissy Christmas set, which featured a fun design of red and green Swarovski crystals for the holidays, and again, a matching bracelet for Mommy that was identical except for length. Holiday parties are so much fun if you match!

The workmanship of each of these pieces is among the highest we've ever seen. Incredibly intricate designs (much more elaborate than the photos can reveal), all hand fashioned and finished with sterling silver findings. Our only wish: that the extender chain on the back of the necklace were a bit more sturdy. Given the weight of these pieces, even a slight tug will result in a lot of pressure being brought to bear on this chain, and we'd much rather safe than sorry!

Absolutely delicious fun, incredible craftsmanship... these necklaces and dog jewerly are well worth the time and cost. And the princess will tell you - you'll never feel blingier than wearing one of the creations from Le Prissy Pets!

You can find out more about Le Prissy Pets from their web site at

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