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Crystal Dog Necklaces

Dog Jewelry Review - A Merryvaluation

Ah, the life of a princess. It's far more trying than the peons of the world realize. Being royalty is more than just having servants, laying on a silk pillow, eating the world's finest confections. It's hard work - why, choosing the right jewelry alone can be an all-day process.

But you can never go wrong with Swarovski, darling. Delicious sparkle to light up any complexion, for any occasion.

The princess was thrilled to see three lovely Swarovski dog necklaces from the folks at Bark & Sparkle. They kindly sent along a good selection of their offerings: the Solitaire 3-strand in Fuschia (top), the Solitaire 4-strand in Olivine (center), and the Lightning 2-strand in Sapphire Blue (bottom).

Each necklace is meticulously made by hand from 100% Swarovski crystals. The crystals are woven on jewelers' cable, which is made up of 21 strands of stainless steel, twisted together and coated with nylon, making it incredibly sturdy. The finishings are all sterling silver, with slightly different clasps on each of the 2-, 3- and 4-strand styles.

Each style was lovely, with brilliant colors and an incredible sparkle that looked wonderful in every lighting condition. But we'll tell you a secret: far and away, the Solitaire 4-strand in Olivine was our favorite.

First, it had a lovely weight to it, suitable for a princess, and the four rows of crystals just seemed to add the extra bit of glimmer that you'd expect from a necklace made for canine royalty. But the color itself was what sold us. Something about the Olivine had us coming back for more, again and again. It's easily become one of our favorite necklaces.

No small feat when the princess has a jewelry box that is beginning to rival Princess Mia's (from The Princess Diaries)!

For mommies who like to match, matching bracelets and necklaces are available so you and your pup can be a matched set.

We were overall impressed with both the quality and workmanship of these necklaces - if we had one wish, it would be for sturdier clasps. This isn't a direct complaint about Bark & Sparkle's work, but speaks to the entire pet jewelry industry. While you usually see nice sturdy cable for the necklaces themselves (and this is correct, particularly given the canines that will be wearing them), inevitably the clasps are a much less sturdy looking affair. For active dogs in particular, it would be nice to have a choice of clasps, including a sturdier style.

The necklaces from Bark & Sparkle are a brilliant treat! The princess can't say enough good things about them. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Bark & Sparkle from their web site at 

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