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Couture Dog Tee and Collar Set


Oh, the princess does love her pink. There are days when we wonder if this little fashionista really thought things through before choosing her signature color. (Her closet looks like a Barbie convention.) But how can you deny how fantastic this famous princess pug looks in pink? And so she sniffs at us, and lifts her eyes delicately to the ceiling, as though to tell us that she really does know best.

Divas. And you thought dealing with the ones in Hollywood was a lot of work! :)

The princess, being the maven for pink that she is, was doubly delighted to receive our latest package from Mrs. Bones, the brilliant company behind some of Merry's favorite collars.

In this package: a Carnaby Dog Collar & Leash, and a Couture Logo Shirt for Dogs in pink.

The Couture Logo Shirt is actually a form-fitting tank with just enough stretch in it to really mold to your dog's curves. We'll tell you a secret, too. About half of the tees and tanks you see on the market are made by the same two or three manufacturers. Which means you can get sick of a style awfully easily. But these tanks are brand new, custom-made for Mrs. Bones and they're cut expertly.

The tank is made from a thicker, frankly more expensive material than you see with a lot of doggie tees. One touch and you can feel the quality in the work. The Couture Logo, screened onto this shirt in green, was glossy and high-quality. No scrimping or cutting corners here. The shirts are also available in black with a silver logo. Merry's already added it to her letter to Santa for this year.

And as you can see, it fits the princess like it was made just for her. (OK, we told her it actually was. But look at how regally she posed in it as a result!)

The Carnaby Dog Collar & Leash is full of the kind of quality and fun that we already associate with Mrs. Bones collars. Incredibly well made, with excellent materials and workmanship. The white background and funky retro pink and green flowers were a hoot, and it's quickly become one of her favorite sets.

The company's trademark gold-toned findings are as solid as ever, though we do wish that companies could find a supplier who makes white quick-release buckles of sufficient quality. It's not hideous, but the black definitely stands out against the white of the collar. (However, we will say that the ease of use gained by quick-release buckles make up for it!)

As always, we were thrilled to bits with the new items from Mrs. Bones. Both items are of the highest possible quality, and would make a more than welcome addition to any little diva's wardrobe. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Mrs. Bones from their web site at

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