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Christmas Dog Sweater and Toys

Dog Clothing and Toys Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Oh my goodness do I love Christmas. Most folks already know this about me - I bedeck my home from stem to stern with Santas that I've collected over the years, I named my dog Merry for a reason I'm sure you all can guess, and even the pug has all her "normal" toys put away this time of year so I can bring out all of her Christmas toys. I think my favorite dog products of all are ones that are themed for Christmas.

It's why I was dancing on my back paws when we got our package this year from Haute Dog Boutique, full to the brim of holiday goodness for the princess pug.
Even more stellar was the dog sweater contained within. This Reindeer Sweater is, bar none, the darned cutest Christmas sweater we've ever tried out. It's made from an incredibly soft, buttery chenille and comes in a darling and warm-by-the-fire garnet color. A charming mix of knits, embroidery and appliques on the back show four of our favorite reindeer: Comet, Dancer, Vixen and Rudolph. The entire collection of reindeer is surrounded by hand-applied iridescent beads; these same beads are echoed in each of the four "windows" when used to make a pair of snowflakes. (Rudolph even has a few red beads to "sparkle up" his shiny nose.)

And oh, we love the style. It's a longer sleeve than you usually see on doggie sweaters, and it fit the princess wonderfully. The neck, sleeves and waist are all rolled and show hints of the soft greens and blues that you see in the back of the sweater, pulling the colors and style together into a delicious whole. The princess is just so darned cuddly in the sweater I may have her wear it nearly every day between now and Boxing Day.

The quality is incredible. To be frank, I'm a little jealous of the pug - even I don't have a holiday sweater this nice. It really is of wonderful quality and workmanship. But keep in mind, folks - hand beading means hand washing. Don't forget and let your little one out to play in the mud too often in it. Keep it for wearing around the tree!

But wait - that's not all. :)

Incredibly, the generous folks at Haute Dog Boutique also sent along not one, but two holiday toys for the princess pug to play with while showing off her Merry Christmas sweater (ahhh.... get it? hee).

The first toy is a plush, squeaky-type toy called Rudy the Reindeer. We love its tied-in-the-middle quality; both ends are tucked in. It's made from cuddly soft but durable corduroy and features, as you can see, a wonderfully cross-eyed face. It also has a cute-as-a-button black rope "tail" hanging out the back. It also features a very large, very loud squeaker that Merry discovered to her intense delight just after this photo shoot was over!

Yay! New Christmas dog toys are fun!

The second toy is two-two-two toys in one. Yes, it's a rubber ball. Yes, it's called a Snowball. And yes, it resembles its name. But it's also peppermint scented - which makes it perfect for someone like Merry, whose eyesight isn't what it used to be. If she "loses" the ball while we play, she finds it again quickly from its scent! This makes it an invaluable asset over the holidays, when toys often go missing/get shoved under furniture/are lost in the corner somewhere.

The Snowball is also capable of taking a good pounding, since it's nearly solid rubber - but take it from someone who's dealt with a lot of "eye" issues this year: roll the ball for your pet to chase after, rather than throwing it at them. Keeps everyone's eyes safe as houses!

Thanks to the brilliant Christmas-themed items from Haute Dog Boutique, we'll be singing with holiday cheer all month long!

(But seriously, try the sweater. It's just awesome.)

You can find out more about Haute Dog Boutique from their web site at 

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