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Chenille Chair Bed

Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation

If you know the princess (and we're sure that you do), you're already aware of her obsession with dog beds. Margo Kaufman once wrote: "If you put a pug in an empty room with three socks, they will push the three socks together to form a cushion to lay on."

Ms. Kaufman could have been talking about the princess personally. Tall to small, lavish to simple modernity, everyone's favorite diva pug is a grand master at lounging and loves her wide variety of dog beds.

And our little Miss Merry was never happier than when she opened one of her latest packages to find not just a new bed, but one that looks grownup-shaped to boot!

The bed, called the Chenille Cozy Club Chair, is fun and funky - specifically made for the wee-est of breeds. It's shaped like a sofa chair with high, thick arms and an even higher back (the actual "seat" portion in the center is only about 14" square). It's covered in deliciously soft 100% cotton chenille fabric in multiple pastel colors - pink, pale yellow, pale blue, mint green, and lavender.

The chair itself is made with high loft polyester filler and seems to hold its shape well. It's a dense loft, which means the chair isn't featherlight; it has a decent weight to it. That's good news - less chance of Fifi knocking it over when climbing into it. But it's suitably "sinkable" for pups who like to crawl a bit into, as well as on to, their beds.

The chair arms are, in our estimation, the bed's best feature. As you can see, they provide a bolster around the pup, something to lean against or sprawl atop while seeking their favorite position. Merry loved sinking her butt into the chair seat and then curling herself over one of the arm chairs. In fact, as you can likely tell from the photos, it was darned difficult to get her out of the chair once we'd given her carte blanche to lounge away.

Best of all, the bed cover is removable, washable, and can be put into the dryer. The cotton has been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage.

The matching bunny rabbit toy broke our hearts. Made from the same fabric and filler as the bed, it's an adorable accompaniment, and the princess had far too much fun chasing it around the floor. (It too is washer/dryer friendly.) We love when companies make matching toys, and wish it happened more often. It's brilliant.

After all, darling, you don't want your toys and bed to clash, do you?

The Chenille Cozy Club Chair dog bed and toy set are a great value, at $130 MSRP, and make a perfect little dog couch-of-their-own for your furkid. We can highly recommend this set to anyone looking for something a little more fun than your typical pillow bed. Four paws way up!

You can find out more about Heart of my Heart Pets from their web site at

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