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Celebrity Dog Collar and Lead Set

Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation

When taking the diva pug for a walk, it's very easy to lose track of time. Her fans swarm over her, boyfriends and best girl friends stop by for a quick run, and there's just so much to see and do. Merry doesn't mind the time. What could possibly be more important than walking her towards her every whim for hours on end?

(The life of a diva pug. It's such a tough life.)

The newest package we received from Celltei was quite exciting. They've blown us away again with yet another innovation that's bang on: their Celebrity Collar and Lead set. Part of their Time for a Walk™ collection of collars and leads, these leads actually feature fully functional watch faces on the collar itself.

The Celebrity Collar is made from a deliciously colored leather. It's available in shiny black or metallic red (shown, right). The Quartz watch is encrusted with rhinestones and the slim, elegant design is very reminiscent of a ladies' watch. It's water resistant and has a replaceable battery.

The matching leash is made from the same material, with a 6' length. A flexible handle and sturdy chrome findings make it an elegant counterpart to the collar.
If we could change one thing: the execution was a little frustrating. The leash attaches to a metal loop on the collar, about two to three inches from the watch itself. This is handy, because it means the watch sits on the back of your dog's neck (easier to see the time). However, with this design, that means the chrome buckle sits squarely in the center of your dog's throat. Particularly if your dog's a tugger, that's a little inconvenient, and I'd prefer their sensitive throats be protected somehow (a different buckle? a cover of some sort for the buckle to protect the dog's throat?). Hopefully Celltei will address this in future designs.
A suggestion for fitting: make sure you add at least an inch to your dog's neck size. These collars run towards the smaller end of the spectrum, and the last hole generally hasn't left enough collar at the end to fasten down properly, so you'll want to get your pet as close to the center of the available size ranges as possible. When in doubt, go up a size.

Overall, Merry and I thought this was a very cute idea indeed, lovely to look at, and the red is simply stunning. And now she can finally help when people stop to ask us if we have the time. :)

You can find out more about Celltei from their web site at

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