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Cappucino Pawd Dog Bed

Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

How long have you been a Merryvaluations reader? (Did you know we publish 4-6 new dog product reviews every month?) If you've been around for any length of time whatsoever, you'll have realized one important thing about our bed reviews: we have a tendency to like the plush.

You see, Merry (our key product tester) is a pug. And pugs like cush. If they have a choice between laying on the ground and on a couch, they'll choose the couch. If they have a choice between laying on the couch or laying on a blanket on a couch, they'll choose the blanket on a couch. And if they have a choice of laying on a plain blanket on a couch vs laying on a blanket laid over a down pillow on a couch, they'll choose the down pillow-blanket-couch combo.

So when the folks from Le Pet Petite Boutique decided to send us a Pawd dog bed for review, we were very happy. Because the princess was bound to be happy.
Bound - get it? Ha? Oh, you wait.

The Cappucino small dog bed is simply gorgeous to look at. Soft creamy fur-like exterior, chocolate minky soft interior, all tied up with a chocolate satin bow. Both fabrics on this particular bed are absolutely stunning - not just in color but in feel. They're gorgeously soft. I mean, it makes me want to be a pug, just so I can curl up in one of these beds.

The genius, however, is in the construction of these very smart, very flexible, dog beds. Laid flat (the pretty bow untied), the beds look a little like a flower. A cushy, dense flower to be sure, but a flat flower all the same. But when you pull on the ties, the bed cinches up to whatever amount of "nest"-ness you want.
Is your pet a burrower? Then tie the bed all the way for a high sided, deep burrow nest bed. Does your pet like to spread out but still have something to rest their chin on? Tie it about halfway. Is your pet a sprawler? Don't tie it at all; rather, leave it flat and just tie the ribbon ends beneath the bed.

Can you say brilliant? I knew that you could!

Important to us is cush factor, and these beds are perfectly stuffed with 100% polyfil. I don't say that lightly, so I'll ask you to read that again. Perfectly stuffed. Not too hard. Not too soft. The perfect balance between cushioning and bounce factor. And how often have I said that about a bed? Not too often, I'll tell you that.

Three different sizes (Merry's in the littlest) ensures most pups will have cushy digs. Note, too, the matching Cappucino reversible dog blanket the company also threw in - a little something to "cover them up with", though I'll admit Merry's always been too restless at night to stay under any blanket.

Best of all, the bed is completely and 100% reversible. Change it up monthly, weekly, with the season... whatever strikes your fancy.

If I had one little niggling concern about the bed, it would be the safety/chewability of the ribbon ties. I wish the company made a little widget - rubber, maybe? or the same fabric as the bed? I can't decide) to slide over the ties once you've gotten it tied as you want. It would be a great add-on item when purchasing the bed, just for that little extra peace of mind. However, I will report that Merry has not yet munched nor pulled on the ties at all. Maybe I could braid them? Hey, now that's an idea. :)

The gorgeously lush, beautifully stuffed, and crazily insanely brilliantly designed Pawd bed is one of the most exciting new products we've reviewed lately. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Le Pet Petite from their web site at 


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