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Product Reviews

Canine Grooming Regimen

Dog Grooming Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Every time I head into an upscale department store, I'm helplessly drawn to the creams and unguents.

You know what I mean. The Philosophy collection. The Clinique counter. Oooh, shiny pretty. Such lovely bottles. Such delicate scents. So many creams and unguents to choose from. Something for my eyes. My cheeks. My nighttime regimen. My daytime regimen.

My name is Angie McKaig, and I'm addicted to dog grooming products.

The real challenge, as I see it, with pooch grooming products is that the packaging doesn't always follow the arguably upscale formulas and concoctions. And for those of us who pay attention to such things... well, now we have Best Friend New York's Canine Grooming Regimen.

This fantastic four-part regimen has everything you need to keep your pooch smelling and looking great... and it's all contained in a sexy enough design that it will be warring with my own bottles in the bathroom. (Did I mention I love the bottle designs? Oh, did I?)

The first two steps, as with any proper hair grooming regimen, are dog shampoo (Natural Liquid Canine Cleanser) and conditioning (Conditioning Canine Rinse). The cleanser and rinse both are enhanced with pro-vitamin B5 to make your pet's coat smooth and shiny. While the shampoo has a light touch of sandalwood and patchouli, the conditioning rinse is infused lightly with goldenseal and calendula.

The third step in the system is the Multivitamin Balancing Tonic. This is a light spray that acts as a detangler after bath as well as a way to hydrate and ensure a lovely smooth coat. It contains purified rose water (along with gingko, green tea and rosehips to help combat things like smog and sun). It has a light rose fragrance.

The fourth step in the system, the Finishing Gloss, can be used anytime - ideally as a between-baths freshener. It can help add shine, and more manageability to your pet's coat without leaving a lot of buildup. It has light notes of ylang ylang, lavender and camomile.

All four products are pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, vet-approved, and 100% biodegradable. It's even gentle enough for puppies. And while I don't have a lot of detangling to do with the princess, her coat did benefit from each of these products.

If I had one thing to change, it would be this: the system is marketed as "canine olfactory friendly", and to a degree it is - each product is lightly rather than heavily scented, which does differ from a lot of products on the market. However, given that you're to use three of the four products in the system as once, that's a lot more scent layering than I'd usually associate with something that's supposed to be friendly to my pooch's nostrils. I think this company is ideally positioned to perhaps create a scent-free version of its products; it's already earth-friendly and canine-friendly - wouldn't a scent-free version be awesome? (Those of you out there with allergies, I'm sure, would agree with me.)

However, I can't say enough good things about this system overall. Best Friend New York has created a gorgeous and highly useful grooming system that works well together, satisfies a lot of the anxieties pet owners have about their grooming products (attractiveness, good for the environment, gentle on their pet), is luxurious to the touch and looks fantastic.

Four sweetly clean paws up!

You can find out more about Best Friend New York from their web site at 

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