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Cable Knit Sweater

Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

The rule goes something like this: women love to see their loved ones in big, thick sweaters. Or is it just that women love sweaters? Or is it just me, and all of you are wondering just what the heck I'm talking about?

Whatever the rule, I love sweaters. I love wearing them, I love buying them, and above all, I love little Merry in them. What's more, Merry loves them too. She seems to shrink a little when a put her favourite sweaters on, cuddling up in to them, looking even more tiny and adorable than usual (but then again, I'm biased).

We were very excited, then, to receive our Merryvaluation package from Coverknits. It featured a luxurious, hand-knit, 100% wool cableknit black turtleneck dog sweater. The collar was nice and high (I have a pet peeve with turtlenecks that don't actually cover the dog's neck due to poor sizing), and the workmanship was excellent. You could just tell picking it up that it had been hand-knit; it was deliciously thick.

The leg holes were nice and roomy to allow me to fit Merry's paws through. It came just low enough on her belly so that she'd be warm without having to worry about, well, you know. It fit just the way a favourite fall sweater should: closely through her shoulders and neck without being tight in any way, and loosened a bit away from her body closer to her tail (owners with slightly pudgy puppies, you'll love this).

Coverknits sweaters can also be custom made for hard-to-fit dogs like teacups and dachsunds and come in a huge variety of colors, although to be honest, the black is just yummy. It's so hard to find a nice, thick, plain black sweater that I was thrilled with this Merryvaluation. The sweaters fit a little large, but that's good to help keep out the cold during a walk.

Honestly, it's a gorgeous sweater. I'd love three more like it.

You can find out more about Coverknits from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you! 

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