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Bridal & Gingham Floral Dog Collar Sets

Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

I've got to tell all of you how excited I was to do this month's review from A Pet's World. And I'll tell you why: I'm getting married this September, and part of this review package included the sweetest little white satin collar & leash set you'll ever see... it would be just perfect for our wedding.

I love it when things work out this way. :)

The first set A Pet's World sent along for review is the white Ribbon Embellished dog collar & leash set, with Wedding Petal Rosettes. This set, like all of their Ribbon Embellished collection, is hand sewn. Collar and leash both have a white-nylon-backed with a pure white satin ribbon front.

The collar is a profusion of hand sewn white satin petal flowers, rosettes with green satin "leaves", and pearls. It features a more classic metal buckle closure (with white painted metal-reinforced collar holes) and features two d-rings: one near the buckle, for the leash, and one dead centre in the middle of the collar so that you can hang a pearl charm, silver ID tag, or some other momento that will help make your dog's outfit truly personal for your wedding day.

The matching leash is 5' long and features two white satin rosettes with green leaves and pearls - one at the base of the handle, and the other close to the clasp near the bottom of the leash.

The quality and detail of the workmanship here is incredible. Everything is so finely made but so securely fastened that I don't have a lick of worry about allowing Merry to romp around in it all day at the wedding. Even the pearls are properly and securely fastened. And the sizes come available in just 2 inch increments so you know you'll be able to get something that fits: from size 8 to size 16. (Merry's modelling the size 14.)

The second item from A Pet's World's Ribbon Embellished collection is their Pink Gingham Petal Flower Rosettes w/Pearls. This set mixed it up a bit - it included a collar, a leash (as with the set above) but also an all-in-one step in harness.

The style of the pink gingham collar and matching leash are identical - two d-rings, a string of flowers on the leash, and a ribbon-covered pink nylon with two rosettes for the leash. The flower bases are made from delicious pink gingham, the rosettes are made from pink satin with the same small green satin leaves and white pearls.

The dog harness was an interesting twist on the design. The harness itself was very simple so it could even be used under a t-shirt - no rosettes, just pink gingham-covered hot pink nylon webbing. The harness is a standard H-style with two circles - one that goes around the front of the chest and the base of the neck, and another that goes around the chest and behind the shoulder blades. It's a step-in harness and has two gingham clasps that can be shortened or pulled up towards the leash to make the harness smaller or larger depending on your needs.

The harness leash is not detachable but is part of the entire harness unit. Its design, though, is similar to the standalone leash, minus the clasp: it has two gingham rosettes, one near the base of the leash and the other up near the handle.

But wait! That's not all!

In addition to the collars, leads and (in the case of the gingham) harnesses, A Pet's World has one more treat in store: matching hair accessories!

(Sadly, our long-haired model cancelled at the last minute, so we can't show these on a pooch, but hopefully you'll get the idea with these photos.)

The hair accessories come in two styles: on a tiny metal barrette, or with a set of double elastics. Everything's snugly secured in there and the style and manner of the flowers are identical to the collars and leashes, if a tiny bit smaller (as is appropriate).

Whether you're looking for a fabulous wedding outfit for your pooch or just looking for some summery floral fun, I can't imagine a better idea than these sets from A Pet's World. We give them an enthusiastic four paws up!

You can find out more about A Pet's World from their web site at   


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