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Dog Birthday Party Review - A Merryvaluation

Dog birthday parties are, like, the thing to do for your pet, lately. And why not? Pets are with us every single day, and there's nothing wrong with having a whole lot of fun to celebrate their birthday. We know that, for us, June 6th (the princess pug's birthday) is a Very Special Day indeed - she brightens up all of our lives just with her winning smile and quirky little personality.

Celebrating the day of her birth seems only natural. ('Course, the diva could have told us that - and that diamonds and carob-dipped everything are her preferred presents these days - if we had just asked her.)

At any rate, we were thrilled to get a little party pack from the company who does poochie celebrations up right: Tail Waggin' Celebrations. Inside: two different sizes of party hats, birthday cake mix, a sample of their Dog party treat gift bags, a dog bone shaped birthday candle, and a Dog Wine Glass Charm set.

By far, our favorite part of the party pack was the dog party hats. These are not your typical cheap everyday party hats. Someone's taken a great deal of time and effort to put these hats together - they're much sturdier than average hats, fabric-wrapped, and with charming little touches like maribou and rhinestone trims. There were two sizes - one teeny tiny size that would likely even fit all but the tiniest of chihuahuas, and a larger (polka-dotted) version that is suitable for most dogs or small children (and if you think a doggy birthday party is fun, try combining one with kids!). We loved them and intend to use them year after year for the princess's birthday parties.

The birthday cake mix was a fabulous idea. All the dry ingredients were provided in a handy bag and the simple instructions were included on the outside, as well as - the pièce de resistance in our opinion - a baggie filled with tiny bone-shaped cake toppers. How CUTE is that?

The treat gift bags are, in our opinion, an inspired idea. For a tiny fee, you get a little bone-decorated baggie that includes one yogourt-dipped treat (in a fire hydrant shape, natch) and a small rubber ball that has the words "Take the time to stop and smell EVERYTHING" printed on one side. It's a perfect, inexpensive way to ensure that everyone who attends the party has a take-home gift.

The Dog Wine Glass Charm set was a wonderfully elegant touch, particularly to help the adults involved in the birthday party feel as though they're a part of the celebration. It includes four wine charms (each is detachable and can be affixed to the stem of a wineglass) and is presented on a wine bottle bangle. Each charm has Swarovski crystals and a tiny silver object - a bone that says "Top Dog", a 3D bone, a dog dish, and a dog house. We thought this would make a lovely hostess gift if you're ever invited to a doggy party - slip this set over a bottle of wine for the hostess, and you're good to go.

It doesn't take a fortune or a huge amount of work to put together a birthday party that everyone, including your furkid, remembers - particularly thanks to the folks at Tail Waggin' Celebrations. Great ideas, folks - give them a try.

You can find out more about Tail Waggin' Celebrations from their web site at 

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