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Big Bow Bikini Dog Harness

Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation

One of the toughest things about being the world's most famous diva pug is the heartache you feel when, ever so occasionally, you'll run across an absolutely oh-my-gosh-to-DIE-for piece of doggie bling only to find out it's only made for your tiny canine cousins.

This is why Merry (short for Princess Meredith) was so thrilled when GW Little announced that their decadent Tinki's Big Bow Dog Bikini Harness - previously available only for the tiniest of dogs - would be available in sizes large enough to fit the princess pug.

Of course, the princess is also just thrilled when she gets to try out ANYTHING that's pink with a bit of bling. Best of both worlds, then.

The harness is, in a word, absolutely adorable. It's an incredibly delicate pink shade - think the inner shell of your chihuahua's ear. Made from the softest ultrasuede we've ever felt, it fastens around the chest and under the ribs with long, thick strips of velcro on both sides. This makes it easy to adjust for various girths.

The center back of the harness is adorned by wide loops of more pink ultrasuede fashioned into a bow, and topped off with an emerald-cut "crystal" in the center. This little bit of bling is no shrinking violet - you can see the sun glinting off it from a block away! A matching lead with its own, smaller pink ultrasuede bow and crystal center complete the outfit for your own fashion maven. All pieces feature deliciously warm rose gold hardware and findings.

When it came to the fit, I'll admit I was nervous. Velcro? On a pug? Have you /seen/ how much pugs can tug on their leashes when they get excited? Frankly, I was worried that a single pigeon or squirrel would be the end of our walk - how could velcro stand up to this?

However, I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the harness moved on Merry when she pulled on it - pleasantly so, since a too-rigid harness feels more like a jail for both pet and owner - but the soft ultrasuede only had enough give for comfort, and to my surprise and delight the velcro held firmly. The designer definitely knows dogs - it's obvious that both the fabric and the pressure points in this design were chosen on purpose, to keep your dog safe on long walks.

The workmanship is nothing short of exquisite. These pieces are created by designer Susan Lanci, and you can tell that her background in both graphic arts and the jewelry industry have sharpened her attention to detail. Larger pieces, like those for miss Merry, must be handmade, so expect a few extra weeks for delivery.

And best of all, ultrasuede has become our favorite fabric. It feels like suede, it looks like suede, but both harness and dog leash are hand- washable (particularly important when you start frolicking in a pale pink harness but have legs only a few inches from dirt and dust and grass!). Just because you're a diva doesn't mean you don't get dirty. Trust us!

Merry and I were thrilled beyond compare with this harness and leash collection. Four paws up!

You can find out more about G.W. Little from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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