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Bedecked Dog Tutus

Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

I realize that, to some, it's unintuitive, or even a little bit silly: a dog in a tutu.

If you feel this way, I do hear you, I do understand what you're saying, but you're darned wrong and I'm here to tell you that tutus on dogs happen to be the cutest. thing. ever.

The folks at Make a Tail Wag, makers of lovely dog tutus in many shades and colors, agree with me. That's why they sent in not one but TWO fabulous tutus for the princess to review this month.

First up, the Christmas Red Dog Tutu. Oh, sure, it's called Christmas - and would work spectacularly for your holiday party season - but it also rocks for Valentines, weddings, and just any other time you want your dog spruced up in something with panache.

This tutu features a big (HUGE!) simple two-loop red satin bow with nice long ends - not so long you trip on them, of course, just long enough to Make A Statement. It also features roughly a bajillion (it's true - I counted) layers of hot red tulle. The tulle comes flattened when it first arrives - your job is to carefully peel each layer away from the last, puffing the skirt up and making it fabulous.

I only did a middling job of the fluffing because, despite my love of the tutu, I'm far from expert at it - but still, it puffed up incredibly fluffy and full. How cute does the princess look in this?

The second tutu is called the Elegant Black Dog Tutu - elegant, because of the large and multi-loop black and white damask bow that sits at the waist. This bow, too, has nice long ends for that dramatic punch. It looks so gorgeous on, and our regular readers will note: how perfect would this tutu have been at my wedding? All black and white and damask? Sadly, the tutu arrived for review a few weeks after the blessed event.

The black tutu, like the red, features:
• yards and yards of puffy tulle - no skimping here
• satin-covered elastic wasitband for easy on/off
• 4" gap under the belly to allow for easy walkies

The company also sent along a plain black tee to show how an entire outfit can be crafted from a single tutu (though they aren't attached). The simple black tee with the black tutu is so stunning I can't begin to tell you.

Every tutu is customizable - the folks at Make a Tail wag have done many, many custom dog tutus for weddings - and is sewn, not knotted. And the company is incredibly thoughtful in their packaging; they ship any tutus featuring bows very carefully with extra packing inside each loop to keep it full and not crushed. (I'd suggest storing the tutus the same way, for longevity.) They can be handwashed and laid out to dry.

Frankly, I'm head over heels with these tutus - both from a quality perspective and from a style perspective. They're fabulous and trust me, if you like dressup at all with your pooch, you want one of these tutus!

You can find out more about Make a Tail Wag from their web site at 


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