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Beaded Collar and Leash Set

Dog Collars Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Every girl needs a bit of glam. A diva pug might get an invite in the mail to a fabulous fundraiser or even the Oscars themselves (well, we can dream...), and when the moment comes, it's good to know that you'll have something fabulous to wear.

The folks at Dressed to the Canines sent along one of their handmade creations that will help the princess to shine should Oscar ever come calling: the Black Gold Silver Sequin Flower dog collar and leash collection. It's a mouthful, but then again, it's a fantasy of sequins and beads just perfect for a luxe night out.
Like all Dressed to the Canines collar sets, the Black Gold Silver Sequin Flower set is an over-the-top buffet of sequins and beads, all hand crafted to a nylon collar. In this case, the collar itself is a gold shade of sturdy nylon, covered in a bevy of silver beads, gold and black sequins. Most of the collar is sequin-encrusted, with just an inch or so at each end to allow the collar to be fastened. Buckle and findings are silver-colored.

Sizing is everything with this style, since between the beads in front and the black velvet backing on most of the collar, there are only two collar holes (as opposed to the usual four or five choices). Make sure you measure your pet carefully. Fit is excellent, as you'd expect in a handmade product, so long as you're careful with your sizing.

The leash is a modest four feet with a wider-than-usual hand strap, and is made of black velvet. It, too, is dotted with accents of silver beads, gold and black sequins. It's narrower than the collar (only about 3/8 of an inch wide) and has gold rather than silver findings. Not sure why; I think I would have preferred matching findings (same metal color) between the collar and leash, personally.

If I had one thing to change about the collar, it would likely be the nylon base. The leash is so much more luxurious feeling, being completely made from velvet; even if the designers wrapped the nylon leash completely in velvet first rather than just patching it, it would have felt more luxurious overall. But it's a small fix for such a fabulous set.

Looking for gutsy glam? Dressed to the Canines definitely barks your style.

You can find out more about Dressed to the Canines or find out where to buy their products from their web site at 


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