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Bafrom Cradle Dog Bed

Dog Beds - A Merryvaluation

She's a princess, to be sure. Opinionated, stubborn little pug: that too. But in the end, she's Momma's baby girl. When she cuddles in my arms, she calms right down. When she licks my chin, I fall in love all over again. There are definitely some nurturing instincts being brought to the surface when you have an adorable little dog.

Which is exactly the thinking behind the Baby Cradle Small Dog Beds from The Ritzy Rover. These ultra-soft beds in pinks or blues are created to resemble infant cradles, right down to the half-roof and big corduroy bow. Honestly, we fell in love with these things the day The Ritzy Rover started carrying them, and we were thrilled to be able to take a look up close at one of these charming beds.

The bed ships flat, with the removable half-roof unattached, so there's a little bit of assembly when you first receive the bed. But it's quick and honestly, the pug could practically do it herself. A formax structural frame slips through the half roof to give it shape, and this frame then slips into each side of the cradle. A zipper (so clever!) connects the hood and bed so that it's stable and not likely to get knocked off by an overzealous pup.

It's soft. And when I say it's soft, I mean that Merry hopped in it the moment we received it and it took me a treat and ten minutes to coax her back out. The fabrics are ultra plush velours, used for the outer body as well as the inner body and the (removable) inner cushion.

We were also really impressed by the size - it's easily large enough to accommodate two teacups who like to snuggle, or one larger (up to, say, 25 pounds or so) dog. Merry's a 17 lb. wonder, and as you can see she finds it roomy. The detachable roof tends to give puppies that snuggly, den-like feeling when they curl up inside, which means you'll have one contented puppy on your hands.

The bed is of course machine washable (gentle cycle only, please). Make sure you pull the two pieces apart and remove the formax frame before washing.
If we had one thing to change about this bed, it would be a slightly thicker pad! Merry's a diva, and loves overstuffed pillows. We wish more manufacturers did this! While the pillow is more than plush enough, there's something opulent about overstuffing that we would love to see in more beds.
But overall, Merry was very pleased with her cradle and enjoys curling up in it next to Mommy!

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at 

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