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Attitude Dog Halter Top

Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

It's times like this I wonder how many of our readers either own or know a pug. For those who haven't had the privilege, allow me to explain:

Pugs are adorable, with a sweet demeanor and very strong personalities. Rarely are they aggressive, but one thing you can always count on is their tail-wagging, overjoyed moments of glee or excitement. Every family who is owned by a pug knows about this and will tell you it's one of the cutest and most endearing facets of the breed.

In a word, they go psycho from time to time, and that's why we love them!

When we received the package from Blackjack Inc., I had to laugh; it's like they knew the wee pug personally! The halter top they sent along was hot pink (PINK, as you know, being the pug's signature color) and sporting the phrase "Cute but Psycho".

Oh yes, folks, that's our sweet Merry to a tee! Pardon the pun...

The dog halter top is one of a wide range of designs carried by Blackjack all sporting the licensed works of cartoonist Jim Benton (creator of It's Happy Bunny, among others). This halter is from the Dog Of Glee line, with Dog himself all decked out in a charming straight jacket and wearing a big doggy grin.

The design of the halter is decidedly light. This would be a perfect top for your pet during the hot summer months (or as they call them in Florida and S. California, regular months) when you want them to flash their style without heating them up. The halter is a one-piece that covers the body but not the shoulders; black spaghetti straps surround the shoulders and tie at the neck, allowing the halter to fit a variety of chest sizes. It's a particularly useful style for pugs since they can overheat so easily in the summer.

The quality of workmanship was great, including the screenprinted design - it's a design that will last for a while, through many washings. The tee itself is 100% cotton and made in the USA. The company does recommend you wash the shirt in cold water to preserve the hot pink color and to tumble dry on low only.
Best of all, the pug enjoyed whipping around in the halter top doing what my family affectionately calls "The Puppy 5,000" - a race known only to other pug owners and lovers. ;)

You can find out more about Blackjack Inc. from their web site at 

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