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Argyle Dog Sweater and Flannel Pajamas

Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

Can we be gearing up for winter already? It seems impossible that the lazy hazy days of summer have drawn to an end. We didn't even get to wear everything we bought for the summer! (Oh, admit it, you have at least one thing you didn't get to use yet this summer, too.)

Luckily, VIPoochy was ready for us and willing to help us out with our total lack of preparedness for the fall season with a fall starter package that put a great big grin on the princess pug's wee face. The package included a medium-weight dog sweater for chilly days, and a fun-fun-fun pajama top for chilly nights.

The sweater is absolutely fab. Argyle is so incredibly hot right now that it seems like it's the 80's all over again, and this sweater features an argyle design that's sure to knock-em-dead, with rich black and soft pink crossing over a wonderful winter white base. We loved the colors.

The design of the sweater itself, as you can see, fit the pug perfectly, shapely without being too snug. We particularly liked the half-length ribbed cuffs (that can be rolled up for shorter-legged pups) and the ribbed collar and waistbang. This sweater is also a lot smarter than most in that it stops a good several inches higher on the underbelly, so it's appropriate for girl or boy wear (the company makes two other color combos for those from the "Y" side of things).
The material is 100% acrylic, which means it's resilient, retains its shape, and resists shrinkage and wrinkles (who wants a doggie sweater that has to be ironed? We ask you). The pink argyle stitching is raised and not an integrated part of the weave, which means it could catch on something if you're not careful, but for normal wear that shouldn't present a big problem.

We really fell head over heels for the PJ top, though. Called the "Smoochy Poochy", this adorably sweet dog pajama top comes festooned with lip-smacking kisses in both pink and red, with a light pink background. 

The style was great - oversized, so there's lots of room to turn around in the middle of the night without getting all bunched up. It fastens with velcro down the front panel, and the soft rounded shirt collar can be worn up or down (ever the fuss, the princess likes hers half UP and half DOWN - no, we're not kidding). A decorative white bone "button" finishes the look at the neck.

The flannel is not a super-thick material; it's relatively light and very flexible, while still remaining cuddly and warm. It's perfect for chillier evenings, particularly if your furkid sleeps in their own bed or on top of your covers.

Frankly, the idea of dog pajamas is just so smart we can't believe it's only really taken hold in the market over the last year or so. When the princess first became company mascot, our digs were a pretty standard issue apartment for a city dweller, which meant big drafty windows especially in the winter. The princess would have benefitted from these pajamas years ago (rather than wearing oversized tees to bed), but we're thrilled she finally has a pair of her own. And it's just the cutest thing ever to see her pad around in her flannels at bedtime.

We wouldn't change a thing about the fab dog clothes from VIPoochy! Super style, good workmanship, and cute cute cute to boot. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.

You can find out more about VIPoochy from their web site at

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