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All-in-one Dog Jumpsuits

Small Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Oh, Wooflink, how I love you. Seriously, folks, their stuff is just so dang cute and it seems to get cuter with every iteration, every new item we see across our desks here at Pampered Puppy. I covet everything we've ever reviewed from them and I really wish I could stop sounding like an infomercial, but honestly. Cute. So well made.

The only thing I love more than Wooflink? Pantsuits. I realize that they're not as common as hoodies or tees, but to my way of thinking there is no cuter way to frame a pug butt than in a pair of pants. Do you swoon when you watch your little pup prance down the street? You'll swoon five times faster in little pants.
It's exactly the same thing as passing by little pairs of pants for infants, if you're a "baby" person rather than a "dog" person. So cute! So small! I swear my voice goes up an octave every time I see pants on pups.


The two all-one-piece pant suits sent in for this month's review are to die for. The lighter set (suitable for mid-spring/mid-summer) is called "Get Comfy, But Still Stylin'"; the heavier set (perfect for NOW unless you have two feet of snow) and also I'm going to be lovin' this for fall: "Beautiful Life".

The "Get Comfy, But Still Stylin'" set (the first two photos) starts with a spaghetti strap bodice in white with turquoise blue edging and kicky ties over each shoulder, followed by a black mid-chest cuff featuring the word "Wooflink" in metal rivets. The chest fabric is a type-covered hot pink and black with words like "Wooflink", "Love", "Hip", and "Peace" repeated over and over - this fabric goes to the waist, where it blouses around the back and meets up with the pants. The all-black pants start with a tie-waist (so you can snug it in around them if needs be), faux pockets with pink ruffles at the edge and long black pantlegs finished with a black ruffle and pink constrast stitching.

As with all Wooflink designs, the most impressive thing is the level of detail: a turquoise fleece "peace" heart embroidered over the right hip and a scripty type declaring "Love" in metal rivets over the left hip. The tie at the waist has nickel-plated metal bits at the ends. The contrast stitching is precious.

The "Beautiful Life" pantsuit (bottom two photos) may end up being one of my favorite Woofink dog outfits ever. It's a hooded pantsuit - one of my all-TIME favorite kinds of pantsuits - and is so cute you could. Just. Die. Couldn't you? Here, let me explain:

The main "shirt" of the suit is made from hot (HOT!) pink fleece (so 80's - which is SO hot right now, have you seen the stores lately?). The chest and the edge of the hood are made from a lightly ribbed hot pink fleece material screenprinted with the words "Only Wooflink" and the peace sign. The shirt has "Beautiful Life" screenprinted on the back in black and turquoise, and then features a faux kangaroo pocket with a few embroidered patches - a star, "Wooflink" and "Mania only". (No idea. But it's cute.) The sleeves each feature a highly metallic silver pleather epaulet.

The hood itself is a super-minky faux fur-like black material with the CUTEST hot pink pom pom you'll ever see and a black "W" patch embroidered on the side with gold rivets.

And I'm just getting to the pants! Which were my favorite part.

Thick black cotton with white screenprinted stars all over it, two FUNCTIONAL hip pockets in more silver metallic pleather held on with black skull rivets. A dangling pink metallic chain runs from the left waist to the right waist.

These things are even cuter in person. Kid you not. Dead on gorgeous.

It's always so amazing to me that a Wooflink design will typically involve three or four different fabrics, a couple of different edgings, embroidered bits, screenprinted bits, metal or crystal rivets... all in one piece. Now THAT is attention to detail, folks.

And as with literally every piece we've ever seen from Wooflink's collections over the years, the fit is fabulous (Merry wears a solid size 5 in everything they make) and incredibly consistent. The workmanship is hands down incredible - best I've ever seen in the industry for casual wear. Most of their items are hand-wash only, yes, it's true, but they're so adorable and detailed it's totally worth it.

If you don't have Wooflink on your pooch yet, I'm here to tell you: you're missing out. Best value, best design, best quality. Hands down.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at 

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