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Airplane Dog Bed and Travel Toys

Dog Beds and Toys Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

Ah, the life of a jet-set pup. Summers in the Hamptons. Paris in the Spring. Catching the shows in Milan and Prague. The holidays in Vermont. It's just a whirlwind of travel, darling. Exhausting, really. You know how it is.

Or maybe you don't? Not every pet can enjoy life flying the friendly skies all the time. Thanks to the folks at Haute Diggity Dog, now every pup can enjoy some of the fun of the jet-set lifestyle (at a fraction of the cost, we might add).

The Woof Air dog bed is just about the cutest bed we've ever seen. Built to resemble a luxury jet, this airplane bed features windows, a large wingspan, two engines on each wing, a tail with the words "Woof Air" embroidered in vibrant purple, a cockpit with embroidered controls, and a delightfully cushy 10" square sleeping cabin.

As with all designs from Haute Diggity Dog, the details are where this bed really shines. No airplane features have been overlooked and this bed really brings the fantasy of flight to life. Each side features a wing with two jet engines as well as four passenger windows. The tail even includes a horizontal stabilizer. The cockpit features two control sticks (one for the pilot and one for the copilot) as well as an artificial horizon indicator, airspeed indicator and a navigational display.

This dog bed, in addition to its many visual features, is also just a really cushy dog bed, providing many inches of cushiony goodness for your small dog. If your dog's a prince or princess about bring off the floor and on a soft surface (like the princess pug... ahem) they'll love this design.

Practicality always reigns supreme, and this bed is filled with plenty of practical features, too: washable cover can be zippered off and put in the washer on delicate cycle (line dry only, please). The pillow, too, is washable on delicate cycle.

But wait - that's not enough to make your pet a jet-setter! They need their own matching set of toys, of course, and the folks at Haute Diggity Dog are listening. They designed three different toys around the same theme: a matching Woof Air airplane toy, a blue Pet Passport (which just coincidentally comes with a Pug embroidered on the front) and, of course, a travel suitcase already covered with stickers from places far and wide like Hawaii, Bora Bora and Fiji.

Each toy is adorably plush and filled with a nice noisy squeaker. Which the pug adored. ;) The airplane is suitable for small and medium sized dogs; the travel suitcase and passport could also be suitable for a larger dog.

Workmanship is great, with a wonderful eye for detail. If we had one wish? The tail of the airplane, due to its weight, tends to fall over a little. We know how tough it must be to find something that doesn't tip over, but it would have made the airplane bed just 110% to have a tail that "sticks up" all the time.

Our hats are off to the fabulous and ingenious designers at Haute Diggity Dog. They continue to create products that are innovative, fun and spark the imaginations of pooch and owner alike.

You can find out more about Haute Diggity Dog from their web site at 

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