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Acrylic Dog Feeder

Dog Bowls Review - A Merryvaluation

It's not always easy to be the world's most famous diva pug. (The dry cleaning bills alone would make your hair curl.) It requires incredible commitment to stay at the bleeding edge of fashion and style. It means knowing the difference between a fad and a trend, and sticking with the trends that will last.

It also means looking fabulous, darling, but that's another story.

One trend we're really loving is the growing selection of modern dog products with clean lines and a designer esthetic. Sure, the products look incredible, which is a major selling point, but in the end the most important thing is how these products allow us to have pets without giving up the esthetics and lifestyles that we want. (Stainless steel bowls with rubber feet don't exactly blend in to a newly redesigned modern kitchen, now do they?)

The new line of products from Petbitat are absolutely gorgeous, with clean, modern lines. Transparent red, opaque white and clear molded acrylic are used in different combinations to create striking feeders perfect for a modern kitchen. Two sizes are available; a "starter" feeder for smaller pets and a "main course" feeder for larger pets. (Note the difference in the two sizes is only a few inches in each direction.)

Petbitat sent along a "starter" feeder with a red transparent frame and two transparent bowls for the diva pug to review. The feeder was enveloped in a silky-smooth microfiber pocket to protect it from scratches during transit (a nicety not everyone would think of!). And the princess pug fell in love.

The bowls are removable for easy cleaning with a soapy cloth and water. Dishwashers aren't recommended for these dog feeders since the acrylic may scratch or grow foggy over time. (We also found the original microfiber pocket works wonders to polish the feeder so it's spot- and fingerprint-free.)

If the style if one feeder doesn't offer enough variety, additional bowls can be purchased in different finishes so you can mix-and-match. And the feeders also match with the rest of Petbitat's for-home line.

We can't help it - both the princess and I were bowled over (pun intended) by this feeder. It's deliciously stylish, incredibly well made, and perfect for our urban lifestyles. We can't wait to see what this company comes up with next!

You can find out more about Petbitat from their web site at 

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