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Dog Hoodies

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

It is now official. If you're reading this here, I am finally making this announcement for all to hear: the pug is way, way more hip than I am. She has better colors, better fabrics and materials, more style and selection than I have in my own closet.

No, seriously, think about that.

My pug is hipper than I am. Sheesh. Even looks wrong on the screen.

(It goes without saying that she also has a way bigger fan club than me. It's okay. I have chocolate, and she can't have any.)

Here to further the pug's daring sense of style and - dare I say it - cutting edge divadom, is a package of fabulously styled hoodies from our favorite new designer, Wooflink.

The first hoodie, the "Punk Funk" hoodie, is a perfect example of how my pug is cooler than I am. I don't even own anything tie dyed.

But I digress, and I really shouldn't: because this is very possibly the coolest and most gorgeously made hoodie we've ever reviewed, ever, in our nearly six years of being online.

Technically, this is not just a hoodie but also a jacket. It's got a real, working full-length zipper that runs down the chest and belly, but to be honest it's made of such lovely thick but flexible "sweatshirt" cotton that I usually just pull it over the pug's head. The zipper is very cool though - antiqued, with a lovely star-shaped pull tab. We like it more for looks, though it's heavy-duty and fully functional. We're just lazy that way.

The Punk Funk is stain printed and washed and features a faded red "Wooflink" sign across the shoulder blades. We also love the "rip torn" look at the sleeves - very frayed, very stylish.

But the hood is where this piece really excels. It features antiqued rivets across the top of the (large enough to be functional) hood and red contrasting stitching. It's topped off with a wicked cool gold-thread skull and crossbones embroidered right onto the hood.

A matching black band of material at the tail finishes the coolest hoodie ever.

Coolest. hoodie. ever.

But we must move on and tell you about the second hoodie - equally cool in its way - called the Hip Hop Puppy. It's a white and navy confection, 100% cotton with the same skull and crossbones logo printed in pink all over the body of the sweater. A metallic silver Wooflink logo frames the large and functional navy hood. We particularly loved the long navy sleeves in front and the hot pink drawstrings on either side of the hoodie.

Skulls and pink and metallic silver - how can you go wrong with that?

Both hoodies fit like a dream, as with every item we've tried from Wooflink so far. Tight, excellent workmanship and a solid understanding of quality materials are the hallmarks of this brand and it's one of the many reasons we've come to love it so well.

It's important to keep in mind that these are both spring or fall hoodies - they're very solid, at least midweight materials (the Punk Funk is fine for even cooler weather) and won't be suitable for summer unless you're in a milder climate. They're also, thanks to their incredible designs and special features, hand wash only. But they're so gorgeous you just have to overlook it and buy them anyway because come on: dead cute.

Do you get the idea we like Wooflink? Heck yeah we do! Their stuff looks consistently fabulous and is some of the best quality small dog clothes we've ever seen. And I don't say that lightly. I salivate waiting for each new season's designs, because I just know they're gonna be gorgeous.

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