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Product Reviews

Winter Dog Coat & Hat

I first heard about Pug Snuggly by Yogi and their fabulous, pug-centric coats many years ago when we reviewed three of their coats. I fell in love then, and the princess has frankly continued to show off these coats for years.

So when the designer behind the Pug Snuggly called me up and asked to send the princess a new coat to review, we jumped at the chance.

A short time later, the adorable Spring Fashion - Pink Argyle Snuggly and matching Chilly Beanie arrived in the mail. And then, there was oohing. And aaahing.

Are you kidding me? How cute is this? We loved the preppy argyle fabric with shades of pink, cream and mauve with a solid pink underside. Like most Pug Snuggly coats, it's made from 100% fleece so it's machine washable and stands up to... well, everything a pug can dish out. Which is plenty. Let me tell you.

The Pug Snuggly's design genius depends on a few things:

  • A wider chest to accomodate those wider pug chests - and no closure here; the coats slide over the head for easy on/off.
  • A perfect flip collar to surround their head without blocking their airways (always a concern for pugs).
  • A huggy, velcro closure that's specifically designed to make a pug's middle happy.

Now, to be honest, Merry's middle is smaller than the average pug's, but that just means she has a little bit more wiggle room underneath than other pugs.

The matching Chilly Beanie literally kills me. I mean I crack up every time I see her in it, with those two pink ears. Hysterical. Again, Merry's little head is a wee bit smaller than the usual pug's, so she has a bit of extra room, but the hat (which closes under the chin with velcro) is actually designed to be a bit roomy but still stay on during long walks.

The best part of the dog hat is its design. I don't know how they've designed it so perfectly, but it sits just right on those flat little pug heads and doesn't slide around nearly as much as hats we've tried before. Without cutting off circulation, to boot.

With these two pieces, Merry's ready for anything winter OR spring can dish out; with both, she's all set for winter but can wear the coat alone through the spring and fall.

I can honestly say that if you do have a pug and do not yet have a Pug Snuggly, you are missing one critical wardrobe item. These are classic, cute, and perfect for pugs.

You can find out more about Pug Snuggly by Yogi or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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