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Product Reviews

Winter Dog Boots and Dog Sneakers

Booties. Tough to believe that until a few years ago, the doggy fashion world had roughly three choices for dog boots and they were each - shall we say - more functional than pretty.

Then came the fashion explosion, baby, and all of a sudden we have more cool designs for shoes and boots for dogs than we could have ever imagined. Case in point: the wickedly cool new styles fro FouFou Dog.

The company sent along two of its newest styles - a padded winter boot (available in pink or baby blue - guess which color we picked) and also an adorable sporty sneaker, also with either pink or blue swishes and accents on white or white accents on black (again, can you guess which we chose?).

The first of the two styles we reviewed was the Fur Bootie. They're made from a waterproof, pearlized material and feature a FouFou Dog rubber sole. Laces (fake ones) adorn the top of the toebox and the ankle is wrapped in white fur trim. A thin white lining covers the inside of the boot - not enough to probably withstand long periods at sub-zero temps, but long enough for your typical small dog walk in the winter. ;)

The second style - the Fou-Ma Booty sneakers, are also made from a waterproof material. They, too, have matching faux laces up the toebox and feature a paw pattern on the top of the boot.

Important also to note that the sneakers are actually designed for specific feet - or at least, specific sides of the body. :) Two of the sneakers have the paw design on one side, the other two have the paw design on the other. This is so that you have all four feet showing paws to the "outside". (A fact we missed during the photo shoot, when we accidentally, as you can see, put two rights on the front, and two lefts on the back! Oops!)

The design of both sets of dog footwear are different than we've reviewed before. They have a much higher toe box, which means fewer squished tootsies. But they don't zip up the front of the foot; instead, the tongue and zipper go up the back of the boot. This makes the boots aesthetically more pleasing, but note that it also tends to reduce the size of the opening through which to push your pet's foot. If you're used to front-zipper boots, it's going to take some practice to get these boots on the first few times, as you usually need to push the toes together more to slide the foot in than with front-loading models. Additionally, depending on the size of your dog's foot, you may need to go up a size just to accomodate the smaller opening. (Merry takes a size 3 in front loaders but needed a 4 for both back-loaded booties.)

As with all boots, we strongly recommend letting your dog try them on at home, and walk around in them for an hour or so indoors including running and playing, to test that the boots will work for them, before letting them go outside. Fewer lost booties that way!

We really liked the height of these boots - they come up higher on the leg than other boots we've tried, and there's also not a lot of extra padding at the ankle. That's a good thing, since you're trying to secure down the ankle with the velcro strip. These were much easier to secure around Merry's ankle than other boots we've tried and didn't rub as much on walks.

But enough about functionality; let's talk about style. In our opinion, this is where these boots really shine. The styles are drop-dead-adorable, and we fall in love with these booties over and over again, every time we see them on the pug. The sneakers are going to be the hip accessory this winter and spring if we have anything to say about it, and the winter dog boots are just about the cutest thing we've ever seen.

We're totally loving these boots. Are we going to see more styles from FouFou Dog in footwear soon? We're waiting with bated doggy breath! You can find out more about FouFou Dog from their web site at

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