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Dog Hoodie & Tie-dyed Tank

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

When you're a princess, you need a strut. Think John Travolta in the 70's. A strut that tells the whole world who you are, and that you have att-i-tude to spare. Beacause your strut says so much about you. It's who you are. What you believe. What you want other people to think.

Or alternatively, you could just skip the extra work of developing your own personalized strut and just pick up some clothing that says it all for you.

That's what we loved from the get-go about K9Duds and their fabulous collection of tees, tanks and hoodies. These threads have got attitude already built in, baby - no strut required.

The first piece we tried out was their adorable dog hoodie. The sweater was all black and had a gold-colored (not metallic) dimensional print on the back: "Don't Be Jealous cus i'm so CUTE."

You said it, mister.

The hoodie itself is a nicely thick sweatshirt material with the fuzz inside. Ribbed waistband, ribbed cuffs and a double-stitched finish. One feature we particularly liked: a small divot in the centre underbelly where the sweater comes up a bit to allow the sweater to be more "unisex". We wish more outfits had this feature, particularly when designing sweats for both boys and girls alike. Really smart.

The very base of the hood has a hole to allow for a leash to be pulled through. The hood wasn't quite as big as we would have liked (it was more decorative, and wouldn't likely fit well as a real functional hood) but it was fully finished inside and out, which was a great feature.

Fit was super, as you can see - roomy in the chest, our wee Meredith had lots of room, this would work for broader chests as well.

The tie-dyed tank is seriously one of the cutest things Merry's gotten this year. Sure, it's partially from the lettering - "Beware of BAD ASS" is hugely funny when placed on a happy-go-lucky pug - but it's also the skull logo, and the rough-n-tumble look of the tie-dyed, ribbed tank that gives it that extra ungh of mean that no one will really buy, especially when it's accompanied by a lolling tongue and dancing eyes.

Pushover? Who pug?

The ribbed texture gave the shirt a super-comfy feel and the fit was letter-perfect. These are really well designed tank tops, folks. And it was nice to see colors and styles other than those you see seemingly everywhere this year.

Did the pug love the shirts? You bet, mister. Now she has one outfit for the days butter won't melt in her mouth, and one outfit for when she's ready to take on the whole world with three paws tied behind her back.

Four paws up! The designs, and attitude of K9Duds have made them a firm favorite with us.

You can find out more about K9Duds from their web site at

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