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Venture Pooch Hoodie Jacket

How many different ways can you love a designer?

I go through such a dilemma every time I review Wooflink products. I know that they're fabulous, I can see and touch and feel how fabulous they are, but how do I convey this to you without sounding like I was paid to write a glowing review? (For the record, I'm not - and I don't review products I think aren't up to snuff, I send them back without writing about them.)

The truth is that Wooflink is quite possibly my favorite designer right now in the dog-eat-bone world of pet fashion. Their products are always of the highest quality (truly, possibly the highest quality I've ever seen in casual clothing for dogs), their designs are dead-on cute, and they have a wide range of styles available.

In other words, a pet-fashion-lover's dream.

This month, the folks at Wooflink sent along their Venture Pooch Hoodie dog jacket. And all I can say is: so cute I want to eat it up.

This hoodie jacket is a pale cream color, with a ton of blingy gold stars (the hood itself and both entire sleeves are covered in screenprinted metallic hold stars). A gathered black ribbed cuff shot with gold threads at the tail and the base of each sleeve continues the "gold theme". Finally, a blingalicious gold zipper goes from belly to throat.

The back of the jacket features vintage Wooflink designs, including a cutlass image stitched on rough-style with rough edges, an embroidered WOOFLINK banner in red framed in gold thread, and a fleecy be-patched pirate skull embroidered on top.

The dog hood, though, is really the crowning glory - with its gold stars and rim of faux fur, it frames your pooch and makes them look so cute you may just have to take them everywhere in the coat.

The weight of this jacket is for cooler weather to be sure - it would be fine for most mid-winter days so long as the wind chills weren't too high. The hood, thick fleece and heavy ribbed cuffs make this a super choice for winter and cooler spring&fall days.

The fit is absolutely perfect, as with all the Wooflink items we've tried - Merry's a solid size 5 in most of their clothing. And the quality is, as I've mentioned time and time again with Wooflink clothing, second to none. The jacket is 100% cotton, and with all that bling, it's important to be kept hand wash only.

If I had ont thing to change, it would be the edging on the faux fur - it's a light green colors, which seems out of place with the design. But luckily the fur covers it, mostly, so it's not a huge issue.

Truthfully, this coat is gorgeous and Merry looks smashing in it. She will be meeting and greeting her public with full-on bling thanks to Wooflink.

You can find out more about Wooflink from their web site at

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