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Urban Leather Dog Collar & Lead

Merry is most definitely a city girl. She strolls the midtown streets of Toronto daily, meeting and greeting her public. She visits all the trendy shops and is waiting with bated pug breath for someone to start carrying fresh, not bottled versions of Doggie Latte so she can hang out in a café like all good Torontonians.

It makes her a perfect match, really, for the trendy leather collars and leads from Urban Hund.

Merry's Mom (that's me) was very impressed by the packaging when it arrived. Instead of simple loops nested in a package, Urban Hund's collars come in a clear heavy plastic box, complete with lid. How smart! One of my least favorite thing about dog boutiques is that the collars and leads are all strung up on the wall, which leads to a messy look. These little boxes would be able to sit on a shelf and still look pretty. Yes, I know, not the most important thing to the dog, but I'm all about the packaging. Really.

The collar and leash were really very impressive. Nice, sturdy leather collar and equally sturdy lead. The collar is lined with soft, buffed leather. We were pleasantly surprised to find the lead finished on both sides (too many manufacturers miss this step, sadly)! Both are top-stitched to ensure that they'll last a long time. They're also tanned with Eco-friendly plant extracts, which means a lot to mindful urbanites like my little pug. The hardware is double plated brass, solid and shiny.

The designs themselves, though, are where Urban Hund really shines. They employ very simple designs, geometrics like dots (as with the set we previewed) and also squares and rectangles. Very simple, very functional, very elegant in a hip way.

Caveat for the small dog owner: these collars are not really designed for tiny puppies. Merry, who wears a 14" collar, wears Urban Hund's smallest size. In all likelihood, if your puppy is tinier still, you won't be able to find a size to fit. But the inverse is that if you have a big urban dog, you'll find something to fit without any hassles!

If I had to choose one word to describe these products, it would be Quality. It's a purchase worth making if you're looking for good, high-quality, stylish urban gear for your pet. Merry and I will enjoy this set for a long time to come.

You can find out more about Urban Hund from their web site

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