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Tweed Dog Coat, Dog Collar, Lead and Mat

Merry has not yet been to London. I know, I know, I can hear the gasps from here, because it seems like she's such a well-traveled pug, but she hasn't been to London yet. (Neither has her Mom, for that matter.) But it's on the to-do-list.

Mainly because the Brit look is so hot! All those tweeds and muted tones, so classy, just what a diva girl needs to feel all posh.

Which is why the princess pug and I were delighted to get a package from the wonderfully talented Lovemydog based out of London, England. And not just one piece, nor two - but an entire matching tweed set! Oh, the pug was in Brit-posh heaven. ;)

The Thornproof Tweed dog coat was a lovely fit and style, with traditional Scottish woven tweed (100% wool) on the exterior, a sherpa lining, brown wool piping and smart leather-wrapped buttons on the faux belt. A charming burgundy heart in the bottom right corner completed the look. Two velcro straps attach the coat to the body - under the belly, and at the chest.

The matching collar and lead set were also incredible, handcrafted from the same 100% wool tweed as the coat, backed with washable suede. The findings were strong and sturdy, gleaming chrome. Every collar and lead is hand crafted by traditional British belt-makers.

And then, the pièce de resistance, the matching blanket. It's made from the same lovelt materials - traditional Scottish Thornproof Tweed and sherpa, with brown wool piping and a burgundy backing. It makes a lovely resting spot on a couch, chair or back set of a car. Or, fold it up and carry it with you for an early spring picnic!

The set looks lovely, is exquisitely made and I would recommend each and every piece to anyone looking for a classic but trendy look for their puppy. The workmanship is top notch, and everything fit exactly as it should.

Who says you need to shop at Harrod's to get the right look? Not us! Even if your pup never makes it to the British Isles, they can enjoy the look & feel at home with products by Lovemydog. If we could give this set five paws up, we would.

You can find out more about Lovemydog from their web site

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