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Tutu Dog Tee

When you want to dial up the cute factor by, oh, let's say twenty... you add a tutu. Doesn't matter if it's a baby, a little girl, or a dog, if you want to take cute, and make it cuter, nothing works more solidly and lastingly than yards of tulle.

Preferably pink tulle.

Lest you worry that we're all jaded and over the tutu trend, let me tell you that we love tutus. Oh yes. In fact I've been considering getting an entire closetful for Merry for photo shoots. Because come on. Tutus. Cute. (See rules above.)

Which is why the package from Tu for Tee was a perfect fit for us. Originally a company cranking out tutu-laden tees for toddlers and tots, Tu for Tee started making pet tutu tees recently and sent along their newest creation for Merry and I to try out.

The color combo is just adorable; pink and black is one of my fave color combinations. The t-shirt features a white felt "skull" stitched and centered over the shoulder blades. This skull design features a too-cute-for-words pink heart "nose" made from pink felt, and two little black felt eyes.

Around the base of the tee comes the tutu; a single layer (not too poofy) of gathered pink tulle (about 3 inches in length, total, extending about 2 inches from the hem of the t-shirt) sewn in place with black and white gingham ribbon. The tutu goes all the way around (360 degrees) so if you have a little boy pooch who loves his tutus, you may get some soiling. :)

I loved the juxtaposition of the "tough girl" black tee with skull embroidery mixed with the pink froopiness (is so a word) of the tulle. Tough and cute... just like Merry.

The quality of the dog tee is excellent; it's an American Apparel t-shirt so the fit is very standard and as always excellent, the material is lovely and soft to the touch and you can feel good about the fact that the tee is made in the USA. The cut is close-to-the-bod without being tight (as with all American Apparel dog tees); the sleeves fit close to the body and the seam runs up under the chest.

While the material of the tee is 100% combed cotton and is machine washable and OK to put in the dryer, I have my doubts that this would still be OK with the adornments. Particularly the tulle, which historically is not so fond of the dryer. My suggestion would be to either hand wash or at the very least, place the tee in a garment bag before washing on gentle cycle in the washing machine.

I'd love to see variations of this tee either with a tank top (looks and feels lighter) or with two layers of tulle rather than one, to balance the 'heaviness' of the tee. It's adorable - don't get me wrong! - but I'm hoping we'll see more options from the company as an expansion of their pet division.

Overall, this tee really can't be beat for cuteness. I think Merry's going to break some hearts walking down the street in her skull tutu. Come on, even typing that phrase sounds cool. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Tu For Tee from their web site at

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