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Product Reviews

Travel Kit, Massage & Flea Treatments

If you're a regular reader of our Merryvaluations, you might remember that Merry and I were very excited about Happy Tails' grooming products. Part of it was the brilliant innovations behind some of their products. Part of it was the cute packaging (okay, okay, we're suckers for packaging). And a huge chunk of it was that their products made the princess smell better, look better, and feel more pampered in her day-to-day routine.

[If that's possible. -- Ed.]

Our newest package from Happy Tails did not disappoint. It included their Travel Dog collection, Flea the Scene spray, and Unwind that Canine Warming Massage.

Their Travel Dog collection is pure genius. It contains four small 2 oz. bottles of their products - literally everything you'll need to keep your pet smelling fresh and protected from the elements while on vacation. Included in the carrying case (resealable) are Comfy Dog Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo, Dry Dog Instant Clean (a between-baths spritz that we covered in our last review that smells just lovely), Dog Smog Remedy (a breath spray to help remedy stinky gaseous emissions from either end of your furkid) and their newest product, Flea the Scene (an insect spray and sunscreen all in one).

Given how often the princess pug and I trek to my parent's home for a visit, I foresee this little travel kit getting a big workout. It's such a great idea.

The company also sent along a larger version of their Flea the Scene spray, and I have to admit the idea is genius. Sunscreen, flea repellent and insect spray in one, this spray lasts up to four hours in the great outdoors. It actually doesn't have much of a scent at all, it's very light. While we tested it on the princess briefly, it's been so hot so far this summer that we haven't had much time to be outside playing - but once we do, the dual insect repellent and sunscreen will be incredibly handy (Merry's already pretty well treated for fleas -- as if a many old flea would dare to rest on her skin, anyway!).

Finally, the company kindly sent along the product we'd expressed an interest in - Unwind that Canine Warming Massage and Sore Muscle remedy. While Merry's still young enough to not really suffer much from sore muscles, she never turns down a good rubbing. I was hoping to use it to bond more with her, give her a bit back for all she's given me. The remedy didn't disappoint. Even though it's made from nearly all natural ingredients (just like all of Happy Tails' line), it really does warm as you rub it over skin, and its lightly spicy scent is very reminiscent of my own time spent with RMTs. The clover bud and cinnamon oils are very relaxing for both of us while I rub her down, and I end up with a real puddle of puppy goo by the end of a massage.

Unwind that Canine also helpfully comes with a tiny booklet of tips on how to give your dog a massage. While basic, it is a handy reminder.

As always, we are impressed by the design, the scents, and the efficacy of the Happy Tails line. I can't remember when we've been so impressed with a single grooming line. We just can't recommend it more highly.

You can find out more about Happy Tails from their web site

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