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Product Reviews

Tan Plaid Collar and Leash

There's always been a certain type of plaid that spoke of refined elegance and old-school charm; most of us know that style of plaid under a fancy label to remain nameless here (okay: they rhyme with Durburry, get the idea?). Makes you think of British raincoats and posh afternoon tea.

With Swanky Pet's new Swanky Plaid collar and leash set, your pooch can now be ready for afternoon tea and a good cheerio any time the mood strikes.

The collar is a simple but classy woven plaid fabric in shades of tan, cream, black and wine. I love the color scheme - it goes with everything. Findings are all silver metal: contoured zinc die cast side release buckles, cast D-rings. The buckle itself bears the engraved Swanky Pet logo.

Like all Swanky Pet collars, it's crafted from four layers of fabric and of incredible quality - you can literally see the work that goes into the collar just by hefting it in your hand. I'm continually impressed by the workmanship this company puts into its work - and, of course, I'm loving this particular fabric style.

The leash, like all Swanky Pet leashes, is practically the best thing about the set, and that's saying something. Usually leads are a second fiddle, an afterthought for "matchy matchy" purposes and little else. However, this company puts as much thought into the design of their leads as their collrs - they make it adjustable. The leash (also made from four layers of fabric) comes with a cast slip lock so that it can be adjusted in length, anywhere from 2.5 to 5 feet in length. What's more, the handle features its own d-ring so you can bling up your part of the leash, if you so desire, with charms, dangles or a something functional like a clip-on bag holder.

Fit is fabulous, as we've found before with these products. As long as you measure your pet according to their instructions, you won't have any trouble at all.

We're ready for spring and can't wait to show off our fabulous Swanky Plaid collar set at high tea! Four paws up.

You can find out more about Swanky Pet or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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