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Swarovski Crystal Dog Necklace

Until I met miss Merry, princess of the pug universe, I didn't really think that much about jewelry. I had a few pieces, most of which I wore every day... same old, same old, day in and day out.

But then the princess arrived, and with her came a barrage of jewelry that quickly dwarfed my own collection until the day came that I found myself buying a large jewelry organizer... for the pooch. My own collection still fit, at that point, in a single bedside box.

Fast forward a few years, and I've come to think about jewelry a little differently. No longer satisfied with the everyday, now I look for pieces of bling to swag up my own look. And to match the pug, of course, who changes jewelry like some folks change socks.

What I'm saying here is: the princess knows her jewelry. So I paid close attention while she explained to me how much she loved the new dog necklace from The Jeweled Paw.

The piece the company sent along is called Gypsy, and is an elegant white, red and silver design with Swarovski Siam Red and and clear Crystal beads as well as real sterling silver accents.

The crowning touch on the necklace is a faceted Siam Red Swarovski heart-shaped crystal in the center of the piece.

What I liked best about the necklace:

Consistency. I actually really like balanced, symmetrical designs and this design has it in spades. The red is well balanced with the clear and sterling, the pattern is broken into sections, each with the same symmetry moving towards center, and the overall look and feel is clean and lovely.

Weight. Care was taken with this piece not to make it too light and airy nor too heavy to wear around the neck. It has some weight - you know it's there, or rather, your furkid will - but it's lightweight enough to wear for hours without taking its toll.

Sterling. It's nice to see the presence of so much sterling here; while crystal is lovely and Swarovski is certainly shiny, it's nice to have the marriage between the two to augment each other. Sure, it requires some extra cleaning (sterling does tend to tarnish, and we've already seen a wee bit of tarnish over the few months we've had the necklace) but it's, in my opinion, totally worth it for the unique lustre that silver - good sterling silver - imparts.

The back of the necklace fastens with a toggle clasp, again all in sterling silver. Toggle clasps are becoming more and more common in the pet jewelry world, and they do certainly lend a touch of elegance (not to mention being far less fussy to do up than a standard lobster or ring clasp).

The fit is spectacular, as you can see, hitting the pug right in the "hollow" of her throat.

And the red? Simply stellar, darling.

The pug's thrilled with this necklace, and has received many compliments while wearing it.

Me? I'm off in search of a matching ring so we can team up together and wow them all with our brilliance. :)

You can find out more about The Jeweled Paw from their web site at


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